I just participated in my first Christmas activity today

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  • sd-7

    There was a 'White Elephant' gift exchange at my job today. I finally got involved, for the first time ever. (I couldn't last year because I needed plausible deniability, as I was still a JW on paper at the time.) Granted, I really didn't care at all about doing it, any more than I care about Christmas itself. I merely saw no moral problems with it as I once did. It was...refreshing to finally be...'one of them', instead of feeling terrified that a 'Temple of Doom' style sacrificial rite was going to happen once the gift exchange began.

    I managed to get a calendar/calculator, an ink pen, a business card holder, and a letter opener, all in a boxed set. Pretty nice. I had the option of trading with someone, and wanted to get the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition Widescreen VHS tapes, but...I already have several copies of Star Wars on DVD and VHS. Getting another one would've been just plain greedy.

    It was actually very calm and a lot of fun to watch. There was one guy who was just cracking jokes the entire time. It was fun. Nobody bowed down to any pagan gods or did anything other than unwrap boxes and trade gifts with each other. It was like a game show, in a way. Everybody got something in the end, and many people even got what they wanted out of all that.

    Now I think I understand a little better what Christmas is all about. It's not just about getting a gift; it's about everyone giving a gift. Everyone receives, and everyone gives.

    I can't imagine Jesus would be angry to see people giving gifts to each other just because of some pagan idea from 5,000 years ago that most people either don't know or don't care about. If that's how he is, then he'd be mad at every wedding, obsessing over how screwed up the pagan calendar is, furious over the pinata getting busted open...in short, pretty mad all year. I mean...granted, the divine being has loads of patience, but...if he executed a guy for picking up wood on a Saturday, do you really think he'd tolerate all the crap going on on this planet?

    Anyway, it was a nice day today. I've been sick lately, so has my whole family. But this morning I woke up and felt...you know, I think, once again, the immune system has done its job. I'm still a bit stuffed up and could certainly use a long night's rest, but I'm happy. Things are so much better at home, much less tension. I think there's real hope for my marriage, after all. Year 2 is going pretty well, overall.

    With depression and pressures from the JW religion weighing on me for so long, I feel like I'm finally starting to see my way ahead. There will probably always be anger at the Society and its agents, and there will always be those urges to monitor each month's WT or the yearly blitz of new publications. But...I guess that's my war now. I'm free now, and I know there's nothing else Jehovah's Witnesses can do to hurt me. I no longer worry about what my old congregation thinks, or how the elders in my wife's congregation feel. They're just people, and there are tons of people whose feelings about me have never changed and wouldn't change because my beliefs did. I am worth something no matter what I believe.

    For frak's sake, enjoy your Christmas. Give to everyone you can. Take care.


  • leavingwt
    I'm free now, and I know there's nothing else Jehovah's Witnesses can do to hurt me. I no longer worry about what my old congregation thinks, or how the elders in my wife's congregation feel. They're just people, and there are tons of people whose feelings about me have never changed and wouldn't change because my beliefs did. I am worth something no matter what I believe.


  • zarco

    Welcome to the wonderful light.

  • AudeSapere

    Congrats! Glad you had fun.

    And you pretty much summed up how I felt the first time I put my gift in the mix. I participated 6 times at work. Four or five of those gifts I use all the time and give me warms fuzzies when I do. I hope the recipients of my gifts feel the same way.

    Merry Christmas!


  • I<3MYGod

    YAY - and welcome into the fun!

    I say that as I look across the room at my fully lit up Christmas tree and my house decked out with Christmas stuff (a lot of which my children has made for us at school )

    Coming from a jay dub to this, is so surreal. Back then I had those "oh what if" thoughts and "oh it would be fun"....I remember my very first Christmas tree that was bought and decorated. I was still a bit torn, a part of me wondering when the lightening bold was going to come from the sky and strike me dead....it never happened.

    I am glad that you enjoyed today, and it's such a wonderful feeling to be free!!

  • sleepingbeauty

    My youngest daughter went to the Schools Christmas Church Service today. She actually thoroughly enjoyed it... She really enjoyed singing the Xmas songs, especially the Little Donkey Xmas song too. She was also rather pleased with herself when she was able to give her class teacher an Xmas present too...

    I am feeling a deep sense of pride & satisfaction in that she had such a lovely day... and to think this morning I seriously thought about not sending her in today, because I didnt want her to sit through what I thought would be a mindlessly Boring 1-2 hours religous service..... Im so glad it wasnt...

    I find it amazing that my daughter enjoyed going to a (C of E) church service & that she loved it... What a far cry from the BORING JW meetings. It just makes me realise that if the JW's were right, the kids would have loved going meetings... Instead it was as though they were living in a victorian era. The children had to be seen and not heard.

    That so called religion has a lot to answer for....

  • sherah

    Good for you!!

    The Pollyanna at work was the first xmas activity that I participated in after 'waking up." It was nice to give gifts and revel in the holiday spirit. Not at all like grim and evil like we were led to believe.

  • BabaYaga

    Hooray, Sd-7!!! What a cool post. Congratulations! and...

    Merry Christmas!!!


  • jamiebowers

    Oh my dear heart...I hardly know what to say, (and you know that's unusual for me!). Just today I was feeling bad about not being able to do what I wanted to do for you for Christmas. And here you've gone and done it on your own! All those promises I made to you about seeing your way clear of the cult are coming true. I've always had confidence in your brilliant mind and sweet spirit, and just when I think I couldn't be more proud of you, you turn around and do something else even more amazing.

  • WTWizard

    I participated in numerous Christmas activities (decorations, playing Christmas carols) for the past few years. I have done exhaustive research on where to get the latest Christmas ornaments and decorations, and not once did I find anything that was a true sun-worship item. Yes, there are a few Christmas songs that glorify the Devil (Spinal Tap's Christmas With the Devil comes to mind), as well as a few that are about what rap songs are (including drugs). But, most of the Christmas songs have an upbeat message and/or a "It will be a dreary Christmas without you" message. Even the Santa songs are a reminder for children to be good--what could be Satanic about that?

    Now that they cannot key Christmas with anything like sun-worshiping (and even if they do, I will sooner worship the sun than Jehovah), they might try using that "Don't you want to separate yourself from the world" and crap like that. If they can't get me afraid of getting destroyed, they try taking advantage of Jehovah's having used people to make sure I never attracted the opposite sex, tying that into "separating myself from the world" along with promising to fix the problem if I remain a witless. As I see it, Jehovah (and the witlesses) welshed on fixing the issue, and I would not want to make that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag happy and reward him for making the opposite sex not want me and then trying to exploit the problem.

    Either way, I could not find anything inherently wicked about celebrating Christmas. Some are paying attention to Jesus. Others draw attention to enjoyment of material things or the festivities, which to me is not bad. Still others view it as a day of peace and quiet, which is also legitimate. And you get those who simply want to share their material blessings--gift giving, putting decorations where others can enjoy them, donating to charities, and the like. Regardless, I did not find even one article about Christmas where the sun was being worshiped or someone's head was being chopped off as part of the celebration.

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