Waste-to-energy conversion market getting higher importance

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  • SCOTT21

    The consumption habits of modern man are the main reason behind the huge waste problems which we face now.

    The conversion of these rejected matters to energy is becoming one of the most important solutions for integrated waste management. This has become the top News Renewable Energy. A report based on this was recently published by Frost & Sullivan, the global energy market experts. Even though the incentives given for setting up waste-to-energy plants are very less, the capital investment needed for launching these facilities are very high, in spite of the low cost of electricity. According to the analysis conducted by Frost & Sullivan waste-to-energy market collected an average of $65.2 million in 2007, and experts foresee an annual growth of 10.5 percent between the years 2007 and 2014. The non-availability of space and increasing volume of waste materials have made many countries think seriously about cost-effective and helpful methods to tackle waste.

    Waste-to energy production will lessen the pressure of proper disposal of waste materials. In spite of the predictable growth, the industry faces major challenges like public health, odor and pollution.

    Environmentalists are not in favor of the combustion of any waste material. The concerns related to the emissions of dangerous fumes and disposal of ash are a few aspects pointed out by environmentalists.

    Researchers are going on to develop environmental friendly methods for waste-to-energy conversion.

  • designs

    If the Public were forced to live next to their own Debris our living habits would change drastically. Our Land Fills are at or over capacity, we have Plastic islands in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans that go for hundreds of miles.

    Co-Generation with Scrubbers can be put into service at Land Fills and Transfer Stations, the new generation of machines are better than 10 years ago but still have a ways to go.

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