JWs are selling brain software with a trojan horse virus…

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  • unshackled

    Weird title I know…let me explain. So the other day JWs knock the door, normally don't answer, but did this time. Told them "I'm not interested in buying your product." This kind of threw them and denied selling anything and asked "what product?".

    So I tell them, best as I recall…"well the harshest truth any human will ever face is the fact of their own mortality. Religious doctrines attempt to answer all those questions, by replacing death with the hope of a second life. In your case you're selling 'you can live forever'. This is the carrot that attracts the weak, who want a convenient answer to everything.
    Once emotionally hooked, then the bait and switch. The control tightens on their life choices, and they are convinced to give money and basically their lives.
    Basically you're selling brain software, a program of mind control with an embedded virus that takes over the host once your ideology software is installed. The host is then under full control of your leaders, the virus propogates itself further by attempting to infect other minds."

    Think they were so stunned by this, or confused likely, they just kept saying "we just want people to know God and have a relationship with him."

    Reply…"that's what you are TOLD you are doing. Its a business and you are being lead to drum up new business. They always want your money. So no thanks…I'm absolutely NOT interested in the product you are selling."

    That was pretty much it. After mumbling a few cliches they walked away thinking I was nuts but perhaps they might think about more. It was fun regardless.

  • unshackled

    Oops...didn't intend to post this under Bible Research & Study Articles...

  • 3Mozzies

    Well said unshackled, what you told them was true, yet I think they walked away thinking you were nuts. Unless one of them already has personal doubts . . .


  • clarity


    Great analogy! Now that's gotta stick in their brain.


  • unshackled

    Thanks all. Yeah I'm sure they just figured I was nuts. Thats what I would've thought back when I was a Knocker.

    BUT...just maybe...

  • cameo-d

    WT is a funerary cult. The origin is the four sons of Horus. People spend more time thinking and worrying over some afterlife instead of enjoying what they have right now in this one. What a waste of a wonderful gift.

  • WTWizard

    A worm it is. And, it does ruin one's ability to enjoy one's life.

    First, I remember what the year before joining the cancer was like. I worked at a place where I was exposed to Muzak during most or all my shift, and I did not like it very much. The first year, when the Christmas songs came on, I enjoyed them and really didn't want to go back to regular Muzak. I also enjoyed the Christmas displays and had some up myself that year.

    Then, once the worm was installed, I dreaded the day when Christmas music would come on. I got "sick" looking at Christmas decorations for sale at the store, and only felt normal when I got my drug fix of the Asleep! rag. And no, they didn't replace the Muzak with some decent music--it was the same old crap as before. It was just the worm forcing me to hate Christmas.

    It also did a number with my free time. Before, I had most of the midweek free because I worked long hours during the weekend. The witlesses usurped this free time, and once the worm was on, I only had the few hours free on Saturday and the short time before field circus each day. It also ruined my view on most music (Michael Jackson, for instance), college paraphenalia, and just about everything else. I had spent some $300 on "good luck" items and horoscopes during the 1983-86 period and they bashed that; I wasted more than that to attend my first Grand Boasting Session and felt it was even more of a waste of my time.

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