WItnessing work in Hong Kong

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  • Listener

    I was in Hong Kong recently, which is a lovely country but very much a big city where people live differently because of it.

    On one of our days we were walking to the ferry through a covered walkway and there were heaps of people handing out all sorts of leaflets to passerbys, you couldn't walk 10 steps without someone trying to give you their leaflet. I was surprised when we came across about half a dozen witnesses trying to hand out magazines. They were holding the magazines in front of them, saying they were free and encouraging people to take one/two. We passed by them again after our 6 hour journey and there were only a couple still there, she gave me two magazines. They weren't watchtowers/awakes but were dealing with specific topics and were the size of those magazines, I don't know what they call them.

    Of course they are going to get a lot more of their literature into the hands of others by this method and in much less time but I have never seen this in Australia. For an organization that prides itself on unity it is suprising to see the witness work being done differently in another country.

    What really made me wonder was how much this would be costing the org. There is no way they would be getting a dime for any of the publications they are handing out, especially when they say they're for free. There was nowhere to drop some money into a donation tin (and that would be unlikely anyway) and as everyone else was handing out free brochures no one would think of giving any money for them. This method would be costing the org a great deal of money.

  • wobble

    I hope it costs them 14 arms and legs, the remaining GB can contribute theirs.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Are you sure they were JW literature?

  • Listener

    It was definately JW literature. They did have Watchtowers and Awakes but when I asked for english she handed me some other mags, I think they would be their booklets. I have recieved one of them when a JW came to my house. They are printed by the WTBS.

    Most people in Hong Kong live in huge high rises and I would imagine that some would have high security and make it hard for the JWs to enter so this may be another method for them to hand out the literature. I was wondering whether this method was sanctioned by the org. The group of JWs were on the youngish side

  • Gayle

    Doesn't the organization have a way to make sure those publishers there "donate" at the Kingdom Hall to cover the expense of this literature?

  • GrandmaJones

    We do this kind of witnessing quite frequently here. No one really cares, or even asks for donations. We all gave generously for the publications at the hall. Don't worry. The Watchtower is getting theirs.

  • pirata

    Witnessing work is done a lot like that in Hong Kong. Especially since in the rest of the mainland the preaching work is banned. Chinese travellers can get literature this way. A publisher can place hundreds of magazines a month this way. Some even set up booths in high traffic areas.

  • doofdaddy

    I lived in Hong Kong briefly, 30 yrs ago. The kingdom hall was in the red light district in a two or three story building. I would pull up on my Triumph and hopeful hookers would approach, only to see the tie etc and realise I was heading upstairs. Now I look back, I should have hung out with those women down stairs. All were very hot and at least they plied an honest trade, not like the kh!

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