Why The "Truth" Breeds Family Failure - And Will Always Do So

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  • metatron

    A somewhat conservative source produced an updated study on divorce and out of wedlock births. Their not entirely conservative conclusion?

    Education and money tend to prevent both!


    Now, correlations as proof can be tricky - however, the logic here looks compelling: if you have an advanced education, you might have skipped past your hormone-poisoned teenaged years AND you might make enough money to avoid fighting about being broke.

    So, what does the "Truth" offer? Endless opposition to higher education. Lust filled teenagers who aren't supposed to masturbate and often get married too early. Dreamy, fantasy-drenched thinking that avoids critical judgement. Separatism and obsessive shunning that tends to shed extended (non-Witness) family. Disfellowshipping teenagers - who should never have been baptized anyway- such that they lose support at the most critical time of their lives. Endless counsel against "materialism" (i.e. having the means to have a nice familiy) Need I go on?

    The 'Sons of Bernie Madoff' (GB) will never change things that hinder their sense of control over Witnesses so the 'truth' will keep right on wrecking families and pretending that it has "best way of life".


  • MrFreeze

    That's a very interesting point you bring up. I would say JW's are doomed to fail in a lot of aspects in life. I think the worst thing is kids getting married. People who are only 18-20 years old because they have "needs" that can't be fulfilled otherwise.

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