Are former Witnesses JERKS at times?

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  • free2beme

    I recently came across something online, in which someone was talking to the society to complain about another 'active' Witness, not getting in trouble. What I learned, as I listened and read the follow-up. Was that the person calling was a former Witness, disfellowshipped for something they thought was unfair. As revenge, they were wanting to make sure the 'active' Witnesses got the same bull shit treatement as them. Basically, 'Hey, I got killed and I want all these other people killed too.'

    You know, I never see any value in wishing harm on another person. So when I see this kind of crap, I can only think 'What a JERK!" I personally think, if you left or got pushed out, LEAVE it behind you. Making attempts to try and make life hell on those left behind, is the 5 year old in you. Grow up, life is rough, and no one ever said it would be perfect.

    The first act of life is the make believe stage. You make yourself believe you can succeed and be anything. You make yourself believe that you have all the right answers. You make yourself believe you are really important in this world.

    The second act in life, is when you finally realized you maked believe in CRAP and use that CRAP as fertilzer to grow a real reality of a future.

    Trust me, act one people, you will hit a day in the future. Where despite all rejections to what I am saying, you will simply go "OH, I get it now."

    Being JERKS like that, just plain CRAP

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    What do you mean "at times"? I thought we are, all of the time.

    Any shit, distress, problems, anxiety, that can be visted upon jws by any person, in any way shape or form, by whatever means available, is to be applauded.

    Cheeses. In the third act of life - being a crap jerk.

    PS. Oh, and I do get it.

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread
    I personally think, if you left or got pushed out, LEAVE it behind you.

    I agree.


  • ProdigalSon

    Personally, I believe that as long as "former" JW's are still under the delusion that the Bible is the "Infallible Word of God", they're going to beat people over the head with it and act like jerks.


  • moomanchu

    Let me get this.

    A former witness is a jerk because they want equal treatment of people from the Watchtower.

    I would say he is naive not a jerk.

  • VIII


    I get both sides.

    I hear the JWs continually witness to me personally. I hear "The End is Near", "The System yada yada yada". It takes all the patience in me not to tell them to STFU. I have comethisclose. I put my cell phone on mute a few times and screamed. But, what is the point? They just believe and won't change. They have been convinced since they were kids. And now they are in their 70's.

    Then I hear and read my sister actually do it. And it is ugly. She pulls out no stops wishing ugly things on JWs she swears did what she did. (The *F* word--Fornication!!! :-0 )

    So? That was 30 years ago. What the f-ing good is to come from trying to bring down your teenage nemesis now? Simple satisfaction that *they* are hypocrites.

    I agree, get over it.

  • AGuest

    May you all have peace!

    People who act like "jerks" are usually pretty angry and, unfortunately, can't see past that anger and realize that "returning evil for evil" only helps solidify the recipients' position: the elders were "right" - it's you, not me/us. If they stopped and thought about the "warnings" the WTBTS as to what "happens" when you leave [them], however, they would understand that displaying anger and "jerkiness"... only says to them that you are all that their leaders said you were and that you left/sinned and as a result your life now sucks and THAT'S what you're angry about and are only blaming them. (I know, long sentence, but it works.)

    People say it all the time: "sucesss us the the best revenge. If folks could SEE that leaving brings you JOY... perhaps even a continued relationship with God and Christ... and not anger, depression, despair, and shipwreck of faith... they would be more inclined to at least CONSIDER leaving, if not actually doing so, as well.

    An animal fleeing a forest fire will often run right back into that fire... if it faces more fire in front of it. Give it a way out, however, and it will find it. Anger... born out in more "jerkiness" (for my Lord knows, they have enough jerks INSIDE)... isn't the "way."

    "Never... let 'em see you sweat." There is not a more appropriate "them" than the WTBTS.

    I bid you all peace!

    A slave of Christ, the Way...


  • free2beme

    I think it pays to remember at times, that it is not worth sinking to the level you hate and thinking it some how makes you better and not the same.

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