Should be My baby (not bab), of course! :)

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  • Newborn


    This is my darling cat Java! 1,5 y old.

    (this is obviously a cat thread so if you're not a cat lover you can move on to the next post)

    Java is an indoor cat. She my first cat and was home less when I got her. She's such a good and well behaved cat. She's social and talks a lot! She runs to the door when I come home and is very cuddly. She can play for hours! I truly love her and I hope she'll stay healthy for a long time.

    Please share pics of your cat and stories!


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Does she ever look at you and meow, and you wonder what she's saying/asking?

    My niece's cat used to do that (she's since gone to kitty heaven). And she was very affectionate. I used to mind her at night and she knew the routine - after dinner and washing up, I'd plonk myself in front of the tv and she would jump into my lap, giving me lots of cuddles and licks. It happened every night.

    She also seemed to know when I wanted to read or do some paperwork. Even if she hadn't been bothered with me moments earlier, the moment I put a book or some paperwork on my lap, she jump on to me, demanding attention.

    The flat I live in now doesn't allow pets, but I would love to have a cat or dog of my own.

  • Newborn

    Oh yes, and sometimes when I talk to her she also looks back at me with her big eyes and wonders "what the hell is she saying?

    But we know each other quite well by now so most of the time we "understand" each other.

    My cat is the same. She knows my routines. She wakes me up just before the clock does etc. She also jumps up on my lap as soon as I start the computer. What can I say, she rules!

    Cat's are great! I hope you'll be able to get one some day

  • RosePetal

    This is a pic of my beautiful cat Jade, i don't know if it's worked though, can you see it?

  • Newborn

    No I can't see it :(

    Please try again!

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