Need help solving a riddle for $1000

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  • drewcoul

    I am in a contest to win $1000 by solving a riddle. I have only 3 answers left to try. I only have until 4:30 this afternoon to get it. That is assuming I am one of 5 winners.


    Here are the clues:

    1rst clue: I'm thinkin about a name...he played a dangerous game.

    When the pressure was high...his ballskills would not lie... Clue: this guy was one of the greats of the game...thou he is dead now...its no shame..... Clue: crowds watched him in n.y.c. He broke records and ran free...sometimes he was hard to see... Clue:spent time near lambeau field...he was the real deal.... Clue: He ate so much apple pie,he gained a ton of early retirement...became his fate!!!!.... Clue: John Candy Clue: I think he was a preacher but lord I can't recall his name.He was runnin out of wind but talkin to me just the Clue: And here she's acting happy,inside her handsome home..and me I'm flying in my taxi...takin tips and gettin stoned,,,... Clue: ...".. I can still hear you saying... We would never break the chain...." Fleetwood Mac It's not Elvis, Reggie White, or Don Meredith. Thanks for your help. I'll let you know If I win or not, and let you know the answer at about 5pm today. Thanks!!! They held a parade...he's even famous today!

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