Did you ever have "faith" in the sense that emotion-based religions promote and rely on?

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  • gubberningbody

    I didn't.

    When I was a JW I thought I had all the facts and that it might be difficult to see the TRUTH, but if one were to spend the time he or she would be able to see it. I thought that only laziness, lack of interest in TRUTH, lack of time due to pressing physical needs, or lack of basic native intelligence was a barrier to my sort of "faith".

    I used to liken it to learning physics, calculus or organic chemistry. Sure it might be hard initially, but if you kept on studying you'd "get it".

    Now I realize I had excluded, or had excluded from me the real data and that my desires overrode my judgment of what the TRUTH was.

    What prompted this thread is my continually seeing that many EX-JW's simply trade one convenient TRUTH for another


  • wobble

    You are so right Gubber !

    not that I mind if someone wants to believe in something with no proof, as long as they don't expect me to subscribe,and as long as the are not harming others, or joining a religion that does.

    I think the wise course as you wake up and leave the Dubs is what Black Sheep said on another thread, properly re-examine everything,including any holy book you may have trusted, because we do not want to make as big a fool of ourselves as our parents did.

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