Once the Org has its claws in you ...

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  • MrMonroe

    Almost three years after quitting meetings, and receiving only the most minimal, perfunctory interest from one elder (one visit six months later and NO questions or expressions of interest from the congo members we thought were our "friends") I received a phone call last night from that elder, demanding an explanation for a recent action of mine. I told him I had no interest in discussing my actions with him and that it was strange that after three years of silence only now has he contacted me for a "chat", because he has taken offence at something. (So much for looking for the lost sheep ... remember the Nov 15, 2008 WT study articles, ""Help Those Who Stray From the Flock? Why in God's name do they "study" those articles when they have no intention of applying the information?)

    What gets me is that no matter how long you've been gone, they still consider you're in their control, that they have the right to demand explanations about the decisions I take in my life. I think this guy was quite taken aback that I rebuffed him. I told him the phone call was inappropriate, that I had never wanted to discuss my reasons for leaving and still didn't.

    Weirdly, he said twice that he "knew" I'd had "issues with the brothers". I still have no idea who or what he's referring to, but I don't doubt for a moment my wife and I have been the subject of much gossip over the past three years. When someone leaves without explanation, they have to come up with some "reason" and I'm guessing they decided we'd been "stumbled" or that we were too headstrong or independent or disobedient or some crap. Poor Witnesses have so little to do in their lives outside meetings and witnessing, the drama of someone's departure and speculation over their reasons provides a little excitement until the next case of adultery or disfellowshipping or reproof.

    So what happens now? Is me ticking him off counted as "brazen conduct"? Will he be so affronted that he summons other elders, blows it up and decides it's time he dealt with me to keep the congregation clean? If he does try to establish a JC, I'll play Page 73 of the Shepherding the Flock book to the letter: (a) I don't describe myself as a Witness, (b) I doubt half the congregation would even know who I am, (c) I have no interest in attending any committee meetings or meeting any elder because it's all in the past and I've moved on .... but I'll tell him if they go ahead, to please themselves because it won't affect me one way or the other.

  • wobble

    Well done Mr. Monroe sir,

    I like your attitude.personally I doubt you will hear any more, this Elder will just report back that "he still has issues with the brothers, but won't discuss it further"

    We know that is rubbish, and so does he deep down, but he can be seen to have tried, and you are not seen as having issues with the teachings, they can report their efforts to the C.O and get a pat on the back for being so vigilant over someone who left a good while ago.

    If I am wrong and further action is taken, if you really do not care if they DF you, then great, let them go ahead, you could have some fun, perpetually cancelling the meeting for various reasons, and then just not turn up to the last one when you feel like you have had your fun !

    Please let us know how you get on.

  • hamsterbait

    There is legislation to protect you from unwanted attention "Harassment"- That includes making announcements about you from the platform at the Kingdumb Hell.


  • GrandmaJones

    If you look up caselaw regarding announcements of disfellowshipping, there are none that I have found that the court held to be harassment. They have supported the right of religious organizations to practice shunning. (At least as far as I can see in the United States, I can't say anything regarding other countries.

    Do you care if you are DF'd? Do you have family still in?

  • whereami

    A late welcome from me to you MrMonroe.

    You said it perfectly. These "loving" elders don't give a rats ass about you until they feel the need to know why you been missing meetings.

    Screw them!!! You don't need to report to them for anything. Kudos to you for not cowering down to these idiots.

    By the way, you get extra points for your avatar pic. Floyd ROCKS!!!!

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    A scene from the movie "Witness Protection" comes to mind, where Tom Sizemore's character responds to an offer to become an informant and enter into the program.

    Tom says to Forest Wittaker (the FBI officer): "Listen...umm.., Stan, ummm, I am trying to put this [email protected]#K YOU!!!"

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