So did Barr die or not

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  • Soldier77
    So the GB is down to a mere 7 members?!?


    That's pretty significant.

    Yes again. I bet we hear an appointment within the next year or at least at next years Annual Meeting. I could see 2 being appointed at once to fill the holes.

    Right now the remaining body has to be stretched thin through the departments. Most are doubled or tripled up on various committees. Anyone know how the departments are now being divied up?

  • cantleave

    I wonder when there will be a younger GB than me?

  • Soldier77
    Anyone know how the departments are now being divied up?

    I've just thought on this a bit more and wanted to add to it. Barr just died this past Saturday night, tomorrow (Wednesday) is the weekly scheduled GB committee meeting, this is probably going to be on the agenda for discussion.

    I wonder who took over Jaracz spot in the Service department and what department was Barr heading up? Writing? Teaching? Would be nice if any of our bethel insiders could let us know what the current line-up/breakdown of the GB members assignments.

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    Obviously inspired by the silly notion that he went straight to his heavenly reward.

    I thought they had to go to the 'launch pad' first!


  • St George of England
  • Momma-Tossed-Me

    I bet there is a witness nazi elder heavy somewhere just rubbing his hands together just waiting for the call, Brother can you come to Brooklyn for a very important meeting.

    "Brother Witness Nazi, is there any reason you could not serve as a member of the Gubberning Boobie?" No!

    "Are you inclined to overlook the psychological wellbeing of any Jehovah's Witness so as to further Kingdom Interests?" Yes!

    "Are you sufficiently far removed from current reality and will vote according to this current psychological state of mind?" Yes!

    "Do you agree to hold secret any real truths, not revealing them to any person now living?" God Yes!

    "With those affirmative answer I now declare you a member of the fraternal order of the Governing Boobie's, you may now jiz in your pants." Ohhhh, God yesssss!

    Sick mf'ers.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Godrulz said, "The dude now knows that Jesus is Jehovah and that he has wasted his life serving a false prophet. God's heart and mine grieves that he was a victim of a false organization. There is no soul sleep and he is more alive at this moment than ever before awaiting his future resurrection at the Great White Throne judgment at the end of the Millennium."

    OH? Really?

    You got one thing right - there is no "soul sleep." The reason for this is simple: there is no soul.

    The remainder of your comment should be spread on your garden to ensure a lush crop next year.

    Barr wasted his life following a dream, as does anyone who believes that god rules.

  • godrulz

    Slaves of the WT truly waste their lives ending up broken and lost for eternity. The same cannot be said of true followers of Yahweh in Jesus who have abundant and eternal life. The saddest thing is those who sacrificed all for Bethel thinking they were serving God and securing a place in paradise. This is why true Christians should pray for and reach out to those who are lost in a false cult.

  • besty

    to all True Christians I say - splitters - we're the Judean Popular People's Front....

  • strymeckirules

    since this barr guy was a blasphemer, that should have sent him to the pits of hell. isn't that the "second death"?

    i worry about the futures of all jdubs as they are all blasphemers. they might be innocient of the crime by ignorance, but they all have a bible in their possesion so they all individually are responsible to know whats' in it that they are teaching others.

    no mercy will be served to those who knowingly keep the light under a basket.

    the governing body members ALL KNOW IT'S A LIE. read "crisis of conscience" if you need proof.

    so it makes me question,

    If the GB(FDS) know it's a lie, do they believe in the bible AT ALL? because if you do believe the bible and in god, why would you commit spiritual suicide by going against basic bible teaching that could send you to hell? two examples - The teaching that there is no hell and Adding MANY NEW words to their NWT bible. it's like they have no fear which leads me to think they don't believe in god at all.

    Or, their minds are blinded by the devil and they think they are right.

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