Jehovah's Witness Run Drug Rehab Clinic?

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Last week I was reading an article in OC Weekly (a local magazine) entitled "He Shall Be Set Free" about one of my neighbors, Phil Aguilar. He is what I guess you would call a Christian biker minister. In the article where it is speaking about his youth and his addiction to drugs it mentions that he spent a brief stint at a Jehovah's Witness run rehabilition clinic in Oregon. Was that possible? Was there ever such a thing as a rehab clinic run by JWs or was it just the drugs that made him believe that he had been to such a clinic?

    If you read the article note warning signals that is a cult or in the process of becoming one.

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    A Witness could have run the clinic, I never heard of the place. I've sat with guys like him in NA meetings, they're wild. The early 70s were a big time for Calvary Chapel in Orange County, ol Chucky Smith was on a roll and a lot of money was flowing around as it always does in those circles. Witnesses and the Jesus Freaks were constantly at each other.

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