A Lesson Missed: What One Man Can Do

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  • metatron

    I am amazed at the events surrounding Wikileaks. It is amusing too, to see an old plot device in fiction now brought to bear on national governments - 'kill me and information will be released automatically'.

    This is not to say I approve of everything Julian Assange has done - but I think it is possible it could have a profound GOOD effect on world peace ( believe it or not!). I think Afghanistan is hopeless - as is most of the Middle East and the sooner exposed, the better. I think it may encourage Iran to talk seriously about negotiation. I think it may help bring Evil Banks down.

    but more than all this

    It shows what ONE MAN ( or woman!) can do to bring down the arrogant and powerful. Never doubt that you, yes you, could bring the Watchtower to its knees - broken, drained and defeated. What a wonderful thing it would be to know that you helped bring down this sick, family destroying cult!

    What One Man Can Do!


  • blondie

    I think Ray Franz provided a mountain of evidence and information in his 2 books, yet the WTS still moves on.

  • truman

    I was just thinking of the uncanny parallel between the reaction of the U.S. gov't to the documents leaked/released by wikileaks and the reaction of the WTS to the leak of their confidential document, the new elder's book. Both reacted in alarm, threatened legal sanctions, and clampled down, or tried to clamp down, on the sources of dissemination. The information wants to be free, but those whose power is threatened by that freedom sure do not want it. The wikileaks docs by themselves are unlikely to be the ruin of the U.S. government anymore than R. Franz's book or the distribution of the elder's manual will topple the WTS. What scares them though is the loss of control over their 'own' information.

  • Satanus

    True, enough. What amazes me, is the number of people who are pro govt secrecy. Of course, media spin is going at faster than light speed. All the power orgs: big govt, big corps, big medias of the world team up to persuade the public that they don't really want to see who's/what's behind the curtain. Whether or not the current leaks will bring change is the question.


  • moshe

    Wikileaks shows us that our leaders aren't aren't all that smart and their ability to solve our problems seem to be much less than they let on. The only thing that keeps society functioning is faith and trust in our governement. When that stops- our paper money becomes as valuable as the paper it's printed on.

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