jack barr - born 1913

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  • besty

    If the news is true that Barr has died then we are now firmly in the future proofed 'overlapping generation'

    I said back in April:

    What a remarkable coincidence that the 97 year old John Barr was wheeled out to make these comments. Anyone would think it was important that he specifically could be quoted on the record as being the one who introduced this change. Could it be that he is the only current GB member born before 1914? Is he the last gasp at 'overlapping' for the 55 year old Geoff Jackson? Is John Barr the last living link to 1914 they cling to? I mean was he really born in 1913? No - I'm being too cynical now...... http://www.freeminds.org/organization/governing-body/current-list-of-watch-tower-society-s-governing-body.html

    Not one of the current GB was born before 1914 - that was the importance of Jack Barr - he was their 'living link' to 1914

  • wobble

    Which is all so silly anyway, 1914 has no significance in Bible prophecy.

    The problem is, if the current GB cannot continue the fiction that 1914 is important, they have no authority, nothing to point to as their reason for living the life they do ,paid for by R&F Jw's

    As the years roll by, they will bury 1914 along with 1925 and 1975, but just for now they need it.

    Talk about a house built on sand !

  • Soldier77

    Also to note, the remaining GB members have all been appointed after1935. So we are now off the first part of the overlap and into the second... or is it the third? I can't keep up with all these generation changes.

    EDIT: I meant to say that they were annointed after 1935...

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