Worshiping an act itself

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  • WTWizard

    You probably heard of people worshiping people (such as a parent, a study conductor), things (crosses, money), or organizations (a church, the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery).

    I believe, however, there is one other thing one can worship: Actions. And, among the witlesses, the most common acts that are worshiped are field circus and boasting session attendance. This happens when one believes that they are going to see one or more of their problems gone as long as they are attending every boasting session and/or doing excessive field circus. Usually, this happens to newly recruited people that become witlesses.

    You can tell these people because they are the ones that are compulsive about attending boasting sessions, or they are putting well above the minimum limit in field circus, or both. And they are not doing it for glory--they think, by doing these acts themselves, they are going to get escape from certain issues. Some even do pio-sneer hours.

    Another way you can tell this is what happens if the person doesn't meet their goals. Suppose, for instance, a boasting session gets cancelled for snow. Most people hope they get cancelled. But these boasting session worshipers do not: No matter how dismal and boring the boasting sessions are, they have to be there. This is above and beyond being dragged or hounded. And, they feel panicky (not guilty, panicky) if they fall short of their established minimum hours for field circus--or if they come very close to not making this minimum. They almost never pad their field circus time, they usually hog most of the doors, and they insist on making every minute count.

    It is usually the recruits that fall into this trap. Born-ins are more likely to do it out of peer pressure or because their parents are making them. The recruits are used to masking their problems with things like music, video games, the Internet, the holidays, movies, and sometimes even their jobs (or, unfortunately, by getting drunk every other night or using drugs--which can ruin your brain and liver and get you into an accident). These recruits are simply trained to switch their "idol" act from these things to boasting session attendance and field circus. Often you can tell these people because they quickly get rid of anything that might prevent them from doing these things or interfere with the desired "escape". They also quickly acquire a massive library of every piece of littera-trash they can get their hands on, and sometimes even attempt to listen to Kingdumb maladies (I myself got the records and went through them all once, but couldn't find anything worth listening to).

    Trouble is, these people think they are worshiping God--when in fact they are worshiping specific acts that they think are obedience.

  • only me
    only me

    That is the most profound thing I've read in a long time. Describes my family to a tee.

  • littlebird

    My sentiments, also.

  • yknot

    Excellent points!

    I remember being lost as to what was worship if I was not 'doing'......

    Realized my 'doing' WTS things wasn't worship and had to start from scratch.

    Now of course I can admit it was all induced mind-numbing busywork....

    ahhhhh something new for me to do today at the meeting.......... observe which members (we are convert heavy) worship 'acts'

    Thank You!!!!!!

  • Botzwana

    Yknot you still go? You have family?

  • jay88

    The EASY BUTTON through actions.

  • BurnTheShips
    Actions. And, among the witlesses, the most common acts that are worshiped are field circus and boasting session attendance.

    You a genius.


  • DJPoetech

    Thank you for bringing this out. I have studied a little on the subject.

    Interestingly, your subject refers to a term which is rarely used today... Orthopraxy....

    It is the opposite of Orthodoxy...

    Orthodoxy is "right belief". This term got it start and boost around the time of Constantine.

    The reason it was discussed so fervently back then is because they wanted to counteract all of the "Orthopraxic" religions whose focus was on "right practice".

    Orthopraxy is totally related to pagan religions who base their system of religion on practices or actions, no faith needed. What made these type of religions so dangerous, is that any practice, whether considerate of life or not, was possible. From ritual cutting, to sacrificing children in fire.

    As you can see, with the JWs and most religions, that their "Orthodoxy" is "Orthopraxy" in disguise. The system of worship is whats worshipped!

    As more and more start to use this term, you will see it begin to blur into whatever the relgious powers want you to see it as.

  • jay88

    The system of worship is whats worshipped!


    I like how you put that.

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