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  • jam

    today my sister and I were out shopping,( she is or never been A JW).She is the only one

    the JW,s families keep in contact, to see what is going on with the rest of non-JW family.

    So as we were paying for our items she drop her purse and some pictures came out. As I was

    helping her I notice these two pictures and I ask her who are these two little girls. She turn to me

    and said these are your two grand-daughters, that one is 13yrs. old and that one is 5yrs. old.

    I hate this religion.

  • Snoozy

    So your Non JW sister had pictures of YOUR grandchildren in her purse? Did I get it right? Is your daughter/son a JW? And do they only have contact with her because she is nor ever has baan a JW?

    If I have it right that is just plain rotten..


  • Snoozy

    OK, I just saw one of your posts that said you have a daughter that has shunned you for years..I am so sorry.

    That had to hurt really bad.

    My heart goes out to you!

    Big hug..Snoozy

  • Alwayshere

    Thats sad. Most everyone on this site hates that religion. I get to keep both my grandkids about twice a month. My Daughter and her husband are still in and guess they will always be. My Grandson is 13.and I had them both today, he told me, he hates the organization. I was glad to hear that. I can imagine how you must feel. So sorry. I am showing my Grandson how wrong they are and he is listening.

  • jam

    Snoozy; yes you are right. My daughter reside in A different state so A few months ago

    she call my sister to tell her about the kids and my sister told her to send some pictures,

    and she ask her when was the last time you talk to you dad, it,s been a while. I think it,s

    more to the problem with my daughter, I believe my divorce with her mother hurt her deeply

    because it,s been over 23yrs. But she tell my other kids Dad needs to come back in the

    truth before we can talk. The very sister they all stay in contact, one of her duties in

    her church is to inform members about the danger if you become A JW, since she have

    seen it first hand. She and A ex-JW sister inform the church .

    Alwayshere; good for you. That,s good your grandson is listening, he,s A smart kid.

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