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  • Giordano

    I went to the Biblical research & Commentary International that Mouthy mentioned in the "I stopped going to the Kingdom Hall" thread and clicked on a Time magazine article which covered Raymond Franz's story.,9171,922767-1,00.html

    In the article on page 2 it mentioned "As a refugee from Bethel and his life's work, he found himself with few marketable skills, a $10,000 settlement from headquarters and $600 in personal savings."

    I am not concerned that they paid him $10,000 for forty years of service just curious about why. Does anyone know what that was about?

    On Page 3 of the time story, after he was DF, he is quoted "There is no life outside the organization" is all he will say about the pain of his shunning'.

    He is a much beloved man and I know that through his books he's helped many. To me he created a wonderful life for himself. How do you read his statement? Was he dealing with depression? Or did he feel very isolated?

    Since there are people on this board who knew him I am interested in your opinion.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    About the "there is no life outside the organization" quote, it is important to remember that this was said when Ray Franz was at or near his lowest point. He hadn't published either of his books yet and his heart still stung from both the realization that his life thus far had been based on lies and that those he called family, his brothers, were nothing of the sort.

    I have very little doubt that he moved WAY beyond those thoughts and feelings and discovered that not only is there life outside the organization, it is the REAL life.

  • blondie

    I think the $10,000 was a legal CYA measure. The others at Bethel were not just asked to leave but were df'd. Ray continued on in a congregation for some time before they df'd him retroactively; interestingly they never df'd his wife although she was "guilty" of the same action.

  • TD

    My guess would be along the lines of a white collar severence agreement where you agree not to use your intimate knowledge of the company in a legal action in exchange for monetary considerations which you would not otherwise be entitled to.

  • FloridaPerry

    There was no agreement, they just sent him the $10,000. From what I can tell of the man, if they had not of bothered him, he would have just kept to himself and gone on. It appears to me ARROGANCE raised its ugly head. You don't question me! And, they had to make an example out of him. It looks like they chose the wrong guy to make an example out of. Should have picked someone less intelligent and who didn't value the truth as much as Franz did. Backed him into a corner, hurt him as bad as they could, and he wrote "Crisis of Conscience". That has helped a lot of people leave a cult. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

  • Giordano

    Thanks everybody, good points! He was at a devastating low, his whole life dismissed and demeaned by the WTBTS, even his closest friend/benefactor caught up in the 'scandal' and DF as well, that’s a lot to deal with. I hope the success of his 'second' career gave him back his life.

    He was a hero of mine from the first time I heard about him and read his book.

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