Brooklyn Daily Eagle 1909 and before pdf articles relating to Russell

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  • bereanbiblestudent

    Here is a pdf that has articles and advertisements about and by Russell.

    It is Searchable and Bookmarked.

    I tried to find as many Article´s and ad´s as I could find but some might of course still be missing.
    Later issues will be coming and have more articles, not just about Miracle wheat, because the miracle Wheat related case against the Brooklyn Daily Eagle caused the journalists to write almost Daily about Russell at some point in time.

  • Atlantis


    Greatly appreciated!


  • diamondiiz

    The above ones are nice copies I wish mine were as clear, but here are the other ones upto Russell's death

  • bereanbiblestudent

    I have a lot more articles than that, but I need to bookmark them and place them in the right order

    Diamondiiz In order to get a set that is as complete as possible I will take 1 or 2 pages out of the IA file.

  • reslight2

    I unable to get the pdf file at:

    to download. Some kind of player appears in the browser and the the download gets about half way through and stops.

    Anyway, I have all the articles that appeared in the Watch Tower in the days of Russell concerning Miracle Wheat (as well as some related material0 in the files beginning at:

  • reslight2

    I finally got the file to download, although I still don't know why the player page kept coming up in my earlier tries.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. New York. Tuesday. November 9. 1909


    Young James Sullivan Fled From the
    Work and Prayers of Pastor
    Russell's Society.

    James Sullivan, a tall, fifteen-year-old
    boy, pleaded not guilty to being a ju-
    venlle delinquent, before Judge O'Keefe in
    the Children's Court, yesterday. The
    real charge against the boy Is that he has
    too much of a hankering after personal
    liberty for the son of a missionary of
    Bible Society. Last year James was at
    an Adventist school the Fox River
    Academy at Sheridan, Ill., but he left a
    little before the official commencement.
    To forestall any renewed, enrollment at
    the school this year, he came to Brooklyn
    about - month ago to see his sisters.
    That, he now feels, was a foolish move,
    for his sisters are both employed by the
    Watch Tower Tract Society here in
    Brooklyn, and with the husband of one
    are members of the Pastor's brotherhood
    family at 124 Columbia Heights.
    The father Is a traveling preacher for
    the society out on the Pacific coast. The
    boy's mother is dead and the sisters are
    only half sisters, but for all that the
    boy was well received and set to work.
    That, and the frequent prayer meetings
    he was forced to attend both at the house
    at 124 Columbia Heights, were too much
    for the boy, so he fled to Philadelphia
    but came back to Brooklyn Sunday af-
    ternoon and was arrested. The sisters
    want to send him to a reform school
    where he cannot run away any more. He
    hopes to appeal to his father before he
    gets sent away.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I could find any more on young James. I hope it got thrown out of court.

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