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  • jam



    this is A gravy job.) Everyone sucks up too the cook.

    2) If someone miss A meal due too oversleeping or his or her job

    have cause them to be late, are food set aside to feed them?

    3) Are sandwichs provided for between meals?

    4) What,s the work schedule for cooks?( I work as A cook briefly in the

    military, when they found out my cooking was doing more damage then the

    enemy I was ask to leave.) But in the military we work three on and three

    off.(Lunch, breakfast, and dinner and two weekends off A month.

    5) Are they call cooks or chefs? How was the food, good or bad.

    Where you able to get seconds?

    6) Where there snack machines in bethel?

    7) The weekends in the military the mess hall is open all day for sandwichs and snacks.

    IS it the same in bethel.

    Why all the questions, for what they get paid in bethel food and good food should not be

    A issue.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I wasnt a cook but that was my dream job at bethel.

    The answer to your questions that I do know


    2.That I knew of no food is set aside do to you oversleeping. I heard stories of if brothers were working on special projects food being brought to them but I never saw or heard of it in action during my 2 yrs there.

    3.No you can glean some bread and stuff to make your own but there were no provisions of sandwhiches made up for you.


    5. but there was a commisary were you could buy some snack foods at a reduced price (compared to the store or market.)

    7.On sat it was a regular work day so same as weekday breakfast lunch and a dinner served. on sundays you were expected to be with the congo's so they had pancakes for breakfast no lunch and dinner.

    Another thing for you to know at bethel the big meal was lunch. breakfast would be stuff like quich granola cereal, lunch would be a lil hearty-er and dinner was really just a good snack to get you thru the evening. My favorite was the beef stroganoff (beef gravy over shell noodles.)

  • jam

    Thanks Frosty, A commisary to buy snack food at A reduced price, I hope the price to you

    was at cost and not mark up so the WT can turn A profit. If so it,s like the slave master

    selling goods to his slaves.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    As for price I think it was at cost. I seem to remember .25 for an ice cream sandwhich.

  • Slayerbard

    when I toured it the tour guide expained how short the breaks are, and you must shower and dress to eat in teh dinning room. So they offen had friends bringing food to them while they stood at their machine. and ate there. NO seconds, no snack machines that I saw. The brother that gave the tour said he often dined out and brought food in off site. LOL he didn't seem to like the food. If you miss your lunch your out of luck is what I gathered. cause everyone seems to have an assigned seat.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Another thing on seconds...when you are at the table the table head sends out the dish for refills. If it was something people liked you cleaned the first serving to get the dish picked up by the waiters to get more.

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