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  • GrandmaJones
  • GrandmaJones

    Man, I hate it when I hit that enter key too soon!

    My question is

    Is everyone on that site really JW's looking for a mate? Are there any Ex-JW's on it? Why else does the society not want the brothers and sisters on it? What would be the harm?

  • yknot

    no some are just seeking friendship/penpals..... I know a lot of sisters who signed up there after 'sistersoup' closed it's site.

    I also recognize some 'good standing' JWs, inactives and exJWs who just haven't updated their profiles.

    I like to think of that site as the 'Stepdaddy Shopping Site'!

    (well that is my 2 cents ..... time to go find my seat :(

  • asilentone

    I do know one sister found a husband thru that site.

  • ClassickConcept

    I joined specifically to draw out JW's. I've caused at least 3 different ones to at least start critically thinking

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