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    The following is a report that Brother and Sister Fuentes wrote regarding the Friday, October 8 2010 Make-a-Wish tour for David Sanchez. The interest and welcome the Bethel Family extended to David and his family was truly heartwarming. David could hardly believe his visit to Bethel was real. Thank you very much for the support and personal interest shown to make this tour for David and his family unforgettable. Here attached are a few of the more 200 than pictures documenting David's visit.
    David came with his adoptive grandparents and aunt. David was very happy to be here, his grandfather, David seemed a little apprehensive at first, we later found out that he was not doing well in the truth, he has not been attending all the meetings and is suffering from depression but the grandmother, Dolores was hoping that this visit would help him.
    Dolores mentioned that he biological mother had agreed for little David to receive a blood transfusion and this was done. He asked his mother "Why are you doing this to me" she respond that she wanted to keep him alive he said "you are killing me by letting them put blood in me". He has given a good witness to all the medical staff.
    When the make a wish foundation came to see where he wanted to go he mentioned that he wanted to go to bethel in New York . The foundation thought that he was being influenced by his grandparents so they took him into a separate room and asked him to draw where he wanted to go. He drew the bindery line with books and Bethelites working as he had seen in the videos about bethel, so they asked where it was he wanted to go and he responded Bethel where they make the books and the Watchtower.
    The Bethel family was exceptionally hospitable, every department had something special prepared for him, even though he is so young the family kept him interested and entertained the whole day.
    In the Writing Department he enjoyed meeting brother Geoffrey Jackson and trying all his hats, brother John Barr and seeing his train collection, it was moving to see them interact with each other. He also enjoyed meeting brother John Wischuk, who took the time to tour the writing archives with us. At this time the grandfather had warmed up and was very impressed to see that these brothers were taking the time to meet David. Grandma was in tears when David was hugging brothers Jackson and Barr.
    At noon a couple was assigned to fix up the lunch table and they did a fantastic job everyone wanted to meet David and he was happy to meet all as well
    Something that impressed grandpa was the infirmary he said that he had no idea that Bethel took care of us this way, he did not know that we had doctors and that we took care of our older brother so well, after meeting a few of our elderly on the third floor of Towers.
    Lil David was able to keep up with the pace we had for him, at the end he was tired but very happy to have been here, his grandparents were so grateful, especially we noticed that the grandfather's disposition had changed after seeing the hospitality the family had shown them.

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  • sir82

    How nice.

    Wonder why they didn't mention that the "Make a Wish foundation", being part of the world, is under demonic influence and everyone associated with it will be annihilated by giant flaming fireballs personally hurled by an enraged Jesus Christ himself, "very soon now"?

  • booby
  • Inside Man
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    Inside Man

    sorry i can't get the pics to post. thanks booby i didnt know you already started a thread about it.

  • undercover

    Hypocritical sumbitches...

    They go to great lengths to discourage the rank and file from getting caught up in charity work or giving to anything other than the WTS. And then - when oppurtunity knocks to get some free press from a charity agency they jump on it.

    This chaps me pretty good. I remember when I first donated to Make-A-Wish. This was before I was free of the cult-think and I remember feeling guilty for giving to a "worldly" charity. I gave anyway, despite my conscience being pricked because it was for a good cause and I got to see the result of my donation. I got to see the joy on the face of the little girl that got her wish. Even though the cult part of my brain said, "it's short lived and she doesn't have true happiness of knowing Jehovah and his promise - better if she had been given the chance to study the bible..." I did it. I couldn't find any reason not to. There was a disconnect between what I felt as a JW and what I felt as a human being. Looking back I know it was the cult mentality but at the time I couldn't figure out the clashing feelings.

    And now these bastards are feeding off the glory of being someone's wish.

  • straightshooter

    Thanks for sharing this heartwarming experience.

  • undercover

    Watchtower 6-1-03 Giving That Pleases God
    "When it comes to organized charity, though, we need to be cautious as we evaluate the many appeals we receive. There is a kind of giving that is even more important than charity. Jesus alluded to this when a rich young ruler asked what he had to do to get everlasting life. Jesus told him: "Go sell your belongings and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven, and come be my follower." (Matthew 19:16-22) Notice that Jesus did not just say, 'Give to the poor and you will get life.' Instead, he added, "Come be my follower." In other words, as commendable and beneficial as charitable acts are, Christian discipleship involves more. Jesus' chief interest was in helping others spiritually."

    Watchtower 5-1-69
    "If there is any material giving, to charities for instance, it is because there is need to salve a conscience, or because one's reputation is at stake."

  • factfinder

    sir82- I love your post! How true!

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