Another child molestation case made the news

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  • coffee_black
  • coffee_black

    Look at that... Gayle and I posted this at the exact same time...


  • Mythbuster

    Police: Man Arrested On Sex Charges
    Case Goes Back To 1980

    PHOENIX -- Phoenix police have arrested a man on sex charges dating back to 1980.

    Court paperwork shows David Nelson, 63, played strip poker with the 14-year-old victim at least twice, and there was some inappropriate touching.

    Officers arrested Nelson on Wednesday on two counts each of sexual conduct with a minor, molestation and public sexual indecency.

    Investigators say they have a recorded phone call between Nelson and the victim where Nelson admits performing oral sex and playing strip poker and later apologizes.

    Officers said Nelson met the victim through a Jehovah Witness church where Nelson was a minister.

    Police said the victim told his wife about the incidents and decided to come forward last month.

  • skeeter1

    What is that brown stuff on his skin?

  • Yizuman
    What is that brown stuff on his skin?


    Glad that turd of a loser got caught. No telling how many others got victimized by this freak.


  • Nickolas

    What is that brown stuff on his skin? (skeeter1)

    ..turd.. (Yizuman)

  • Cook My Socks UK
    Cook My Socks UK

    What is that brown stuff on his skin?

    That is a classic case of sun damaged skin and the bigger of the patches looks like a melonoma. It could turn nasty.

  • looloo

    hope it does !

  • MidwichCuckoo
    Court paperwork shows David Nelson, 63, played strip poker with the 14-year-old victim at least twice, and there was some inappropriate touching.

    I don't really want to read the article, but from the original post it seems he only 'confessed' because he had no choice (typical, amazing how these blokes are only remorseful AFTER being caught)... in WT World he'll probably just be 'counselled' for playing poker (it's a sin don't you know, tsk, tsk)

  • brotherdan

    He actually looks familiar to me. I'm sure I've seen him at DCs. If he was so sorry about it why didn't he come forward with it years ago so that the young kid could start to recover? That stuff will always come back to bite you.

    Interestingly, I've found more expose's of Jehovah's Witness molestation than other religions in recent times. I remember when the WT was on it's high horse saying that they were false religion for just moving molestors to other areas. Now they don't talk about that too much since there are so many molestors that are JWs!

  • Joshinaz

    I just saw that on the local news!

  • brotherdan

    Actually, midwhichcuckoo, there was more than just strip poker. There was oral sex between both of them. So I think he will probably get a bit more than a slap on the wrist for this one. Especially now that it is public. Once something becomes public, the elders don't take care of their own anymore. THey take care of their own a$$e$.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    I hope you're right BrotherDan. I just recall the case of Michael Porter (UK) who, when 'found out' he was suddenly remorseful and the Congregation stood by him.

  • brotherdan

    I could see the cong supporting this guy because it happened so long ago. Witnesses are good about throwing things away that happened long ago. False prophecy? New light. Molestation? Now he's spiritual.

  • looloo

    does anyone know if michael porter is back in the congregation and out on field service ?

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    That's a great question looloo. In my hall all the child molesters were right back out in field service. The elders say that they will never harm a child again.


  • potleg

    The elders say that they will never harm a child again.

    Sure...and the "elders' should know after all they're directed by holy spirit, right? NOT!

    Isn't the holy spirit supposed to watch over and protect the congregation?

    Amazing what you see when the light is shined on the JWs, not as clean as they would like everyone to believe.

    No spirit, no protection, no nothing good here.

    Why doesn't god step in and do something about these happenings right away?

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Doesn't the elder book say that if an elder confesses to something that happened long ago there is no need to DF him, because obviously he had Jah's spirit while serving as an elder all that time? Reads like the guy would have been 33 at the time the abuse was taking place with the 14yo. The victim would be 44 now.

    Think About It

  • Deceived

    Over and over again this is coming out........Unbelievable how the Rank and File don't see the pattern or turn a blind ey and How By their works you will know them but they refuse to See.

    To Know that it isn't the true religion when the shepherds are not there to protect them and only harm the little lambs when no one is looking. This has been going on for YEARs and it is obvious God's Spirit is not with this Religion anymore if it ever was I would be surprised.

    My Mom was one of the one's that was in the "truth" for 60 years and she just would not believe that this was possible that the Elders would molest. It was just one bad apple she would happens. When she died 4 years ago I found a video in her house with the W5 show (Canadian) talking about the exposure of several Ontario Elders being caught as molesters.........There was a court case going on just before she died and accusations near where she lived. She still closed her eyes to it and said it is the Truth and Jehovah's blessing was with the WTBTS Arrrrrrgh.

    When I was a child in the 60's my Dad was an Elder (Congregation Servant then). We lived in a small town in Ontario Canada. The Congregation in the next town had a Elder who was charged with molesting a girl while he was driving the School bus for the school. My parents were BEST friends with this Elder and his wife. Their Son liked me a lot and wanted to date me later when I was a teenager. My parents didn't doubt for a minute that this Elder was Not guilty...I remember hearing them talk and they said he couldn't do such a thing, he was such a nice man, not possible. He had to step down as elder for "awhile". I don't know what happened with the charges but I suspect it gone blown over. Now I am wondering if he actually was guilty of feeling her UP. He said it was just a misunderstanding.

    Funny because that Elders son felt me UP when I was 9. He was 16 and my parents and his parents were in the livingroom having coffee after the Friday night meeting which we did every week. He and I used to go in his room right beside the livingroom and play cards. His room was a big closet with a curtain for a door so I guess our parents thought it was safe. He was a really sweet boy and kind and everyone thought he was just the best boy. Well this boy took my hand and made it stay on his crotch with a bulge in it......I didn't know about sex then so I just pulled away and he kept pulling my hand back to his crotch. Then he put his hand on my crotch and dug in......I slapped his hands away and didn't understand why this fun nice boy was spoiling the fun and being so annoying. This happened a few times and I found it annoying but didn't say anything to anyone because I liked him a lot as a friend and he was fun to play with. Then one night he took me outside (I was still 9) and tried to kiss me......I was disgusted and my parents and his parents came looking for us and though they didn't see what was happening they kept us apart as far as being alone after that. My goodness now that I think of it I might have gotten raped if not for that. When I was 16 he wanted to court me but my parents said I was to young. We used to go in Service together in rural territory and my parents trusted him to be alone with me since he was a ministerial servant by then. He started with the kissing and feeling me up again but that was OK because I was now a teenager. I didn't like him kissing me, he turned me right off as he was not very good looking and his nose was always snotty lol. I liked him a lot as a friend but I rejected his sexual advances. He started dating a girlfriend of mine in the congregation and they married soon after, He now has 5 kids and is a Elder and won't talk to me as I don't love Jehovah.

  • Rabbit

    And another down and another one down, another one bites the dust...:

    You'd think...on a little isolated island the normal culture wouldn't allow the WT abnormal beliefs to infiltrate.

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