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  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    Song 4: verse 1

    Throughout our lifetime, we want to use each day,

    to make a good name, and all gods laws obey, (stop)

    Whatever "laws" god supposedly made, we're supposed to take it on good authority that the WTBTS out of everyone else is able to interpret what those laws are and are accurately giving us the definition of what that is.

    If in jehovah's sight, we strive to do what is right,

    then to his own heart, we bring delight (stop)

    And we know that jerkovah is looking at us how again? And even if he is looking that he gives a crap about what he sees?

    verse 2:

    To seek in this world, a celebrated name,

    to want it's favor, to bask in its acclaim,

    IS SIMPLY vanity, (strawman) for if its friend we'd be,

    jehovah's favor we would not see. (also strawman)

    If this world is so jacked the F' up how about jerkovah just create Earth 2 and anybody who decides that the WTBTS is on the ball when it comes to all things god just gets zapped/materialize on this Earth 2? That would solve all the waiting, all the "men being lovers of themselves or money rather than lovers of god" crap, all the temptation, all the being devoured, all the "hey....god......umm.....what the hell are you doing? Some time today maybe?

    Song 6, verse 2:

    Love for the truth within us still.....

    The problem with love is that it is blind. Love doesn't keep account of the injury. When you love something, you'll make up anything to justify it's blatant faults. "Oh he'd never cheat on me" "She's not just after my money". I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure and have no reason to doubt that you've all heard it before. So this "love for the truth" that we're supposed to have..... This is loaded in that TRUTH is the opposite of false. If something is false it can't be true and vice versa. If everyone else isn't doing what dubbys do then they must be false is what they'd have you believe, but in this world of diversity it seems an err on gods part if the one thing that was either extreme right or extreme wrong is JW vs the world. It's like that episode of ST:TNG when Dr. Crusher was zapped into Wesley's warp bubble experiment, she actually said "If nothing is wrong with me, then there must be something wrong with the universe." However something was wrong with her, so to speak, as she was the only one trapped in the bubble. But she pointed the finger at everything that wasn't her in a sense, and went, "wrong". That's how these fools up in Brooklyn are. I'll get to the other songs later but I just read this crap and go WTF? the ridiculousness is sitting right there on a silver freekin' platter, it's being skywritten across the sky, they've been building the Great Wall of Chuma that can be seen from outter fraking space but they're such yes men bobblehead dolls UGH!!!

  • WTWizard

    And they want me to get rid of my Led Zeppelin records?

  • BorgHater

    Bloody hell, I wonder who the lyrical genius was? He/she won't be winning any Ivor Novello awards any time soon. Aside from the sickening manipulation and propaganda, the lyrics in themselves sound like they were written by a twelve year old child. Truly pathetic.

    BorgHater x

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