Conn. Firefighter Who Is Jehovah's Witness Files Federal Discrimination Lawsuit

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  • steve2

    Let's not get too heated over this topic.

    My understanding is that firefighters are not required to raise the flag - however, they are requried to put out any fire intended to immolate the flag.

  • carla

    Thank you berrgerry!

    I wonder if he would attend a fireman's funeral who died on the job?

  • _Morpheus
    Respectfully, nobody should be forced to salute the flag or partcipate in ceremonys they find objectionable. In our country thats what people and fought and died for, that very freedom of choice. and before he gets bashed too hard lets not overlook the fact that he is indeed a firefighter. He risks his life in public service for a comparatively modest salary. I am a utility worker and make far more than a firefighter in my locality. Its not a nessaey job function to raise a flag in order to fight a fire. As OTWO noted, let him perform some other task if he has a religious objection. I dont agree with this firefighters view but i certainly respect right to have it and keep his job.
  • Clambake

    I am of the opinion that a firefighter is a job where no special accommodation should be made under any circumstance. The ability to do your job depends on your ability to follow orders without question.

    From what understand he is suing because the other firefighters in his unit, house, whatever it is called are not very nice to him and he feels it is a hostile workplace.................heck you could even say he is being shunned.

    Ambulance chasing parasite

  • violias

    I have known police and firefighters and they do a lot of things that are community involved. I was told that unless a police officer is already involved with a specific religion, they and the fire dept. prefer they attend the Baptist church. That is for this area. In other areas they might suggest they attend the Catholic church. They are expected to set a good example and be involved with voting and other privilges of being a citizen of the USA. Attending rallies, parades, and other things falls into this category. He's supposed to be a brother and have their backs. They become family.

    I feel sorry for the other guys in his unit. Maybe they can find him a desk job . I'd hate to have to work with him.

  • Simon

    I'd rather firemen were selected and employed based on their ability to fight fires and deal with other incidents. Saluting a flag or attending a ceremony should be very low on the list of requirements.

    It's always hard to know if things like this are genuine freedom issues or someone looking for a contrived payday.

  • steve2

    Before the firefighter turns up to put out a fire on my property or to help Tiddles get out of the sky-high elm tree, I desperately want to ensure that he or she salutes the flag. Not.

    Sheesh! Americans and their damn flag!

  • millie210

    Was it Daniel that had to go to the place of worship with the government official?

    That principle from the Bible was used to show why a person might go in a church if I remember right. Maybe I am confusing Daniel with someone else?

    Really though, the issue can be resolved without court. Just let him take on duties at the fire station while others do the things he doesnt feel he can.

    Then HE can feel all righteous and persecuted while he cleans the fire hoses and have parts at the assembly about what a faithful self sacrificing witness he is. That should make him happy.

    Save the courts time and the tax payers money...its a win/win!

  • Clambake

    Too bad the station house couldn’t find an Elder on the way out and have everyone baptized as JWs and then everyone formally quit. What would numbnuts do ?? They shun me and I am suing them for it but I can’t talk to them because I am shunning them.

  • StarTrekAngel
    Someone needs to show the other party on this lawsuit that he is ok to raise the flag if the job demands it. As per WT policy. See Chile's example.

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