Brother Kendrick's "Publisher Card" and "Letter of Introduction", should those Elders get Sued?

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  • PokerPlayerPhil

    I am pasting what Flipper posted here below because I wanted to know how culpable the Body of Elders are your opinion and as a juror what you would do to this person(probably the Secretary who was his friend, sounds that way.) The odds are this was their Secretary and conveniently he make's no mention and downplay's Kendrick's bad qualities because there's another root why Kendrick's acted as Bad Witness. JWs Elders will go to great lenghts to cover up their buddy and family's sins while blasting those who they hate or pick on.

    Let's blame Brother Kendrick's wicked actions on everyone but himself and please let's not mention he was in jail for child molestation. How many areas can you locate where it's some other cause than Jonny Kendrick being a heaping pile of shit?


    Dated 1/16/98 it opens :

    " Dear Brothers, Enclosed are the publisher cards of Brother Jonathan Kendrick , and OUR comments in his regard that we hope will enable you to get to KNOW him better.

    " Brother Kendrick is a fine brother who can easily offer a " positive " spirit to a congregation. He has served the North Congregation as Literature Servant in the somewhat RECENT past, has done well in the TMS and presenting the " good news " in the field ministry.

    " However, our brother has had a " stormy " marriage which has ended in divorce , during which time a Judicial Committee saw the need to place restrictions on him for outbursts of anger. His anger was not unprovoked however, in that his former wife ( now inactive ) , never allowed him to assume the scriptural role of " family head ". She resisted him in allowing her teenage daughter ( from a previous marriage ) , to date a " worldly " individual with whom she was sexually active ( even in their own residence when Jonathan was not present ) , resulting in a child out of wedlock. So Brother Kendrick has had much frustration to deal with , but the committee agreed that that didn't give him license to vent his anger in violent demonstration , which in at least one case, involved the Fremont police department.

    " Brother Kendrick has been away from good, regular spiritual association for some months now . As a result , I fear the world's attitudes have creeped in on him a little more. Please help him put these aside. Jonathan may seem a little " gruff " on the outside , but you will find with some attention he will respond well to your efforts. He wants and appreciates strong, pointed counsel on the TMS as well as personally to help him grow and progress.

    " The skills of Brother Kendrick vary from violin playing to topiary to wood-working and welding ( trade ). He is a very interesting individual who has taken the lead with some YOUNG ONES in the congregation and helped them from ' VEERING OFF COURSE.'

    " Jonathan is no longer on restriction ; you'll find him to be a fine individual, kind, loving, and appreciates the peace and refreshment of the Christian brotherhood. Please convey our well wishes and warm love to him , and all those loyally serving JAH in the Brentwood Congregation."

    Your brother, --------------- ------------------

  • Simon

    The elders are following the policies and directions of the WTS. It's better to hold them accountable as they have deeper pockets.

    Still, it would do some good if elders realized they were possibly personally on the hook for the nonsense that goes on and for their shenanigans. Imagine how the control structures would break down if they were unable to communicate as freely?

  • jwleaks
  • PokerPlayerPhil
    So the Congregation members who are not part of the "In Crowd" are basically screwed because nobody is going to warn them "that nice brother who is always hugging my kids' is a pedophile. We have discredited the Watchtower's "loving brotherhood" time after time, the only reason witnesses don't kill one another is because the Organization does not approve it, when you see how twisted family members treat each other or grandparents who have never spoken to their grandchildren for twenty years because of this Cult, make's you wonder how far it's would go to keep this sinking boat afloat!
  • Vidiot

    Simon - "Still, it would do some good if elders realized they were possibly personally on the hook for the nonsense that goes on and for their shenanigans."

    Oh, I think more and more are clueing in, these days.

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