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    Please send this press release to all goverment officials, news papers and media organization

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    For Immediate Release January 23, 2001
    More Sexual Abuse Suits Against Jehovah's Witnesses Will Follow, Predicts Ex-Church Elder

    Denomination on "The Edge Of A Crisis," Says Long Time Witness

    New Support Group for Molestation Victims Forms

    A civil sexual abuse lawsuit filed yesterday in Washington State

    against the Brooklyn, NY-based Jehovah's Witnesses’ organization is

    "just the tip of the iceberg," according to the leader of a new

    nationwide support group for church members who have been abused by

    Jehovah’s Witness members and officials. Dozens more victims of abusive

    church leaders may file similar suits, he predicts.

    "Our denomination is now where the Catholic Church was 20 years ago-

    right on the edge of a crisis," said William H. Bowen of Calvert City,

    Kentucky. A former church elder in his local congregation and a

    Jehovah's Witness for 43 years, Bowen now heads "silentlambs, inc" the

    only national non-profit self-help group for men and women molested by

    Jehovah's Witnesses. (, 1-877-WTABUSE) He resigned

    as Presiding Overseer last year and went public with the issue to push

    the denomination's leaders to respond more sympathetically to abuse

    victims and turn over alleged molesters to the criminal justice system.

    "In just a few months, with a shoestring budget and a volunteer staff,

    our group has been contacted by nearly 1000 Witnesses and former

    Witnesses who have been raped or molested by church members," Bowen

    claimed. The alleged victims range in age from 2 to 15, and are located

    from Maine to California across the USA and several foreign countries.

    Repressive and insular church policies, a rigid hierarchy and a strong

    emphasis on obeying church authorities combine to "trap victims in a

    cult of silence," Bowen believes. “Members of other faith groups who

    are abused are more apt to speak up and consult attorneys or turn to

    police,” he feels.

    "Both formally and informally, Witnesses are taught to take all

    matters, especially controversial matters, to church leaders, and to

    avoid bringing shame on the church," said Barbara Anderson, another

    leader in the silentlambs organization. Anderson served for 10 years at

    “Bethel” the Brooklyn, New York headquarters of the denomination. Like

    Bowen, she became disillusioned after being assigned as a researcher on

    how church leaders handled abuse accusations.

    But that "cult of silence" is slowly changing, she believes. "More and

    more Witnesses are realizing that exposing sexual crimes is God's will.

    They realize that getting rid of molesters is healthy for the church.."

    Witnesses are "encouraged, even inspired by the example of victims in

    Catholic and Protestant denominations who have sued their perpetrators

    in recent years with increasing success,” she said.

    "We find that the more conservative and controlling a church group is,

    the harder it is for someone who has been victimized to come forward,"

    said attorney Timothy Kosnoff of Bellevue Washington. Kosnoff has

    handled multiple abuse claims against church personnel.

    "That's why having a support group is so helpful, and that's why

    getting the police or a therapist or any outside professional involved

    is critical," he said.

    While the headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses maintain extensive

    internal files on accused molesters within the church, they refuse to

    make public this information, and, in many cases, do not report the

    crime. As a result, no solid figures exist on the number of Jehovah's

    Witnesses who have been accused of sexual molestation.

    "Whatever that number is, you can be sure it's going to start growing

    quickly and dramatically, when victims discover the church can no

    longer bully victims into silence," said Bowen.

    The denomination has one million members in the United States and six

    million around the world.

    If you would like to receive more information on this topic, see lead attorneys:

    Jeff Anderson 651-227-9990, 612-817-8665 ST Paul, MN.

    Timothy Kosnoff 425-837-9692 Bellevue, WA.

    Or contact William H. Bowen at: 270-527-5350 Fax: 270-527-5351


    THANKS FOR SHARING LUV...just the tip of the iceberg so true so true and no happy pill is going to change the hurt (((((HEALING HUGS)))) for now and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY AS WELL SWEETHEART

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    Finally; liberty and JUSTICE for all, Amen!


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    Bill, excellent!! It is good to see the Watchtower being accused publicly in the same manner it attacked other churches for thier "fruitage".

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    I am wired up and ready to start mailing to my sources, yet I NEED a URL to this release. I will send this threads url, but I MUST have the properties of the scanned document for the media sources; that has no commentary within it. You understand.

    Thank you

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    Also, jw yahoo chatters won't usually open up Simons threads (go figure). I need a URL to open, then paste directly, verbatim.

    By the way, did anyone watch Lifetime last night? About a woman and her faily being videotaped by their Deacon next door. He had hide cameras before the couple moved into the house across the stret from him.

    There were some very powerful, significant moments for ME. The word Rape kept being used as what was happening to her...visual Rape. I started tearing up and felt her pain.

    The couple held a meeting at the church to let others know they were taped to at the guys poolhouse. They were more interested in "forgiving his trespasses" (hahaha, understatement) and PROTECT THE CHURCH. The womans husband stood up and said "all you are interested in is DAMAGE CONTROL". I welled up good on that one.

    The movie was about the laws getting passed for video voyers, yet had the twist on the CORRUPT DEACON. HE WAS VIDEOTAPING TEENAGE GIRLS IN THE POOLHOUSE.

    So, I do believe that television is going to be powerful in ALARMING THE MASSES as to the WTBTS corruption as well. DATELINE is not going to be a movie. It's RealTV.

    The Snowball is finally picking up momentum. BLOOD CORRUPT POLICIES, CHILD MURDERERS, PEDOPHILES, CHILD ABUSERS, SOUL RAPERS, SPIRIT ASSASINS...and everything Prominent Bethelite proclaims Them to Be...FILTH!

    sKally, wants to see teddys balls hanging my a THREAD, klass....hahahaha

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    The URL is Go and check it out

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    For immediate release:
    Tuesday, January 22

    Laura Barrett 314-645-5915 w 314-443-5915 cell
    Jeff Anderson (attorney) 651-227-9990, 612-817-8665
    Timothy Kosnoff (attorney) 425-637-3070
    David Clohessy 314-869-7436 ext. 2426, 314-903-3498 pager

    Sexual Abuse Suit Filed Against
    Jehovah's Witness Leaders

    Denomination's New York Headquarters

    Called "Negligent"

    Case May Receive National TV Attention

    Child molesters in the Brooklyn-based Jehovah's Witness church are "routinely given sanctuary, protection, sympathy and support" from church officials according to a new civil sexual abuse lawsuit filed today in

    Washington state. The leadership of the one million member

    denomination was charged with negligence in the suit.

    A Sacramento woman is seeking damages from a Jehovah's Witness leader who repeatedly raped her during childhood and from the New York-based denomination.

    Erica Rodriguez, 23 years old, is suing Manuel Beliz, the Othello Washington Spanish Jehovah's Witness congregation, and the church's official national governing body. Last August, Beliz was convicted of raping and molesting Rodriguez and was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Rodriguez says that Beliz abused her approximately once a week from the time she was four until she was 11, when her family moved to California .

    The case is significant because it is one of a relatively small number filed against the Jehovah's Witnesses' national headquarters.

    "The criminal case was to protect other kids from a dangerous molester," said Rodriguez. "This case is to protect many more kids from a dangerous denomination." She contends that "perhaps thousands" of youngsters are victimized because official Jehovah Witness policies enable known molesters to avoid detection and criminal prosecution.

    During the three-day criminal trial last year, Rodriguez testified that she reported the abuse to two Jehovah's Witness elders in Sacramento , Carlos Chicas and Milton Malendez. The men pressured Rodriguez to keep quiet, threatened to "disfellowship" or excommunicate her, and promised "we will take care of it," the lawsuit indicates. Chicas contacted Othello elder John White but no action was taken.

    After hearing Rodriguez' allegations, the Othello congregation protected Beliz as an elder within the church and shunned her family, Rodriguez said.

    Eventually, Rodriguez contacted the Sacramento police and Beliz was questioned and later prosecuted.

    "This pattern of forbidding abuse victims to contact police or 'outsiders' is standard operating procedure all Jehovah's Witnesses must follow, by direction of the national organization in New York," said Rodriguez' attorney, Timothy Kosnoff of Bellevue, Washington.

    By failing to contact civil authorities, the Jehovah's Witness elders violated Washington 's mandatory child abuse reporting law, Kosnoff said.

    Rodriguez is also represented by Jeffrey Anderson of St. Paul , Minnesota , who has filed more than 400 cases of sexual abuse cases against clergy across the nation. Last summer, Anderson filed a civil suit against Jehovah's Witness leaders in New Hampshire for failing to report two women's abuse allegations to civil authorities.

    "The Jehovah Witness church and the Watchtower Society must protect kids and not molesters," said Rodriguez. "A lot of pain and suffering could be prevented if they would forget about the church's image, take sexual abuse seriously and start reaching out to the victims."

    Rodriguez believes Beliz molested other girls too and hopes her suit "will encourage them to seek justice and begin healing as I have."

    Two juries found Beliz guilty of victimizing Rodriguez. His first conviction was overturned when the deputy prosecutor admitted trying to exclude younger women during jury selection. An appellate court then ordered a re-trial.

    At both trials, dozens of Othello Jehovah's Witnesses and Beliz' family members spoke or wrote to the judge urging a lenient sentence. At the second trial, fifteen current and former Jehovah's Witnesses from across the country came to support Rodriguez and express their disapproval of the church's hierarchy.

    Rodriguez' backers were led by church elder William Bowen of Calvert City, Kentucky, who quit his job last year to lobby for improvements in Witness policies towards abuse victims. Bowen heads "Silent Lambs," the only national support group for men and women abused by Jehovah's Witness officials (, 1-800-WTABUSE).

    "It took a lot of courage for Erica to overcome her trauma and speak out," said Bowen. "She should be praised for helping to save other children. Instead, her church has vilified her. Witnesses have treated other victims in the same way, and this 'shooting the messenger' has to stop."

    Today's civil suit, filed in federal court in Washington 's Eastern District, seeks unspecified monetary damages.

    Beliz is now incarcerated at the Washington penal institution in Walla Walla .

    There are approximately one million Jehovah's Witnesses in the United States and six million across the world.


    CHILD SEX (incest) is not new inside the ORG or in other religions it is just coming to the LIGHT as well as spousal RAPE isn't new either--it is about time the tables get turned and the schmucks are the ones SCREAMING and scared shitless--my opinion of course!!!

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