Praying in Public?

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  • NewYork44M

    I was in a restaurant with my Nigerian friend. He asked if he could pray when our food arrived, I agreed and he said a prayer. It was quite nice and I was not at all self-conscious about this display of faith.


    Well, this song brought back the horror of sitting in restaurants, mcdonalds, coffee shops etc and having a group of brothers and sister bow their head and pray for what seemed to be an eternity.

    Oh I can remember that..

    We would travel around,my dad would give a Sunday Public Talk in another congregation..

    Then we`d go out for Chinese Food..We`d publicly pray before eating..

    I didn`t care how stupid it looked..... I was getting Chinese Food!!!!...LOL!!!..

    It would irritate me that they did it in public but never at home or even at an assembly/convention.

    It's all for show.....Blondie

    .....................Image result for on with the show this is it


  • signmeup
    I don't miss that crap
  • Heaven

    I have a Catholic friend who prays, silently, before every meal, including when we all go out to a restaurant. It's a bit awkward but we all just ignore it.

    We are an eclectic bunch. An atheist, a Catholic, a Jew, and I'm not sure about our fourth friend. She could be Buddhist but she hasn't said yet. She is Chinese and believes wearing red underwear during Chinese New Year brings luck.

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