Hasta la proxima !

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  • m2u

    Well everybody, It's time for me to get back to school.
    Got lot's to learn this year.

    I love all of you, what a great place !

    H20 is my battlefield and JW.com is my Coffee house.

    I see that you all are attracting many new members...I can't blame them for wanting to come in to this place. It's a very nice and loving place, it's like the congregation was supposed to be like.
    All the members here are very fortunate to have come together here.

    Yo "1" JT, You're gonna luv this board.

    Federico Ullner
    Who would not mind marrying Seven of Nine or Claudia (smile)

    Waiting and RHW ... Can't see ya' but I luv ya too.

    -Polvo en el viento-

  • OrangeVale Bob
    OrangeVale Bob

    I hate dragging out my latin books trying to translate Spanish. It kind of works, but damn it's hard. Guess it's time to learn a second live language like I've always wanted.

  • Venice

    "H20 is my battlefield and JW.com is my Coffee house"

    Great way of discribing it. They deff have different atmospheres, and I love them both.

    Have fun at school!!!


  • claudia

    Im so flattered, really. Youre kinda cute too. So does this mean your leaving this board? If so when are you returning? : (

  • Frenchy

    m2u: Have a good one. Hope to see you again soon. Just a word of caution: There is a virtual knight that periodically visits this board via my posting privilege and he is very protective of Seven. I wouldn't propose marriage to her on this board since he monitors it very carefully!

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • Seven

    Federico, Hot name, btw. I will miss your smiling face. Have a great time at school and drop in and visit us in between classes. Keep in touch.


    To the French Knight:

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