TTATT Billboard outside Belton, TX JW Conventions - Fundraising campaign

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    Billboard raising awareness of the dangers of the Jehovah's Witness cult.

    Short Summary

    Millions of people's lives are being adversely affected every day by Jehovah's Witnesses' (also known as harmful teachings of shunning former members, refusal of certain kinds of medical treatment, social isolation, and harboring of child molesters. The goal of this campaign is to sponsor a billboard that will be targeted to current members traveling to the Belton, TX conventions July 31st - Aug 9th 2015. These conventions attract thousands of current members and hundreds of prospective members. If we help just one wake up and walk away from the cult, we will be successful.

    What We Need & What You Get

    Here are the specifics of the campaign

    • Total cost of this project is $3,272
    • The funds will be used 100% for the purchase of ad space on a billboard along I-35 in Belton, TX, the main route those from Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas will use to get to the convention.
    • The billboard is 672 square feet and will run from July 15th to August 15th, plenty of time to not only catch the attention of convention goers, but locals in the community and the workers setting up the convention.
    • The contracting company for the billboard is Lamar.
    • A special web landing page will be created that will align with the billboard's message so we can understand the success of the campaign. We will be measuring increase in web traffic as well as engagement and source.
    • If we don't reach the goal, all funds will go to supporting

    The Message

    • The message of the billboard has not been finalized. The message in the campaign picture, that of child molestation, is one of several considered.
    • Participate in the planning and discussion here on Reddit:
    • The final image will drive traffic to a specific web page that aligns with the billboard message.

    Help make it happen for TTATT Billboard outside Belton, TX JW Conventions and Richard Dude!

    Background on this project can be found here:

  • freemindfade
    Have you posted this on crowd funding sites?
  • cappytan
  • quest81
    freemindfade: No, I just replicated the sub from reddit. Doing my small bit in spreading the word. If you can go ahead and share if able.
  • quest81
  • quest81
  • sir82

    You need a "right side up" question mark at the end of the question in Spanish.

    Also, grammatically, the 2nd question in English should use "if there were?"

  • quest81
  • quest81
    NOTE: I am simply passing on information I found from another online community. I take no credit for any of these efforts.
  • StarTrekAngel
    Somewhat glad I don't have to go all the way to Belton anymore. But this time I would not mind.

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