WT development of Disfellowshiping. (part 6; 1937 the Salter disfellowshipping)

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    Aussie Oz

    This account is very telling. It is the first time that the policy of D/F is discussed in a bit more depth and more interestingly, that 4 points of resolution are made that are designed to control disfellowshipped ones talking...and to stop people from listening.

    Watchtower 1937

    page 159

    LETTERS RE EVIL SERVANT April 12, 1937


    Re Salter’s letter: The following telegram was sent from this office on Saturday morning to each large company in Canada:

    “Salter ‘a letter and instruction not from Society. Fraudulent. Ignore it.”

    On Saturday evening a meeting was arranged and the following were present: The servant of companies, his assistant,

    bother Sinclair, a faithful brother who has been long associated with the Toronto company, and myself. It was decided that the

    following afternoon, at the time of the assembly of all the units for service discussion, a motion be introduced to disfellowship

    W. F. Salter from the Toronto company.



    Almost a year ago the Society’s president, Brother Rutherford, saw fit to remove from office one to whom for years we

    had looked with confidence for leadership in the Lord’s work here in Toronto. At the time, and subsequently, through The

    Watchtower and year book for 1937, the principles underlying this course of action and the reason, for it. were expressed.

    At the time that the change of servant took effect, many in our midst looked for some word from the brother discharged

    to indicate sorrow, repentance or reformation in his attitude toward the Society and brethren. Since that time, many others

    have patiently waited for some statement tending to clear the situation. Many have wondered as to the course of action to take.

    Thus far, no public acknowledgment has been made.

    In the last month or two, Brother Rutherford has quietly made arrangements for the greatest and strangest campaign

    against the enemy organization that has ever been undertaken under the Lord’s direction. On the eve of that campaign the

    Devil has seen fit to throw (as he thought) a bombshell Into our midst, and we, as well as others, are in receipt of planted

    matter to be read among and disseminated among the brethren and purporting to be sent by the Society. Associated with this

    literature is the name of W. F. Salter. Needless to say, a serious consideration of this matter would, to say the least, tend to

    doubt and dissension among the brethren.

    I therefore move the following resolution:

    “That in view of the facts set forth above, we, the company of Jehovah’s witnesses in Toronto and vicinity, failing to receive in the course of the next seven days, in writing, a clear statement of sorrow, repentance and reformation from the brother, do hereby disfellowship the one known as Brother W. F. Salter.”

    Page 207, july1





    We received from the Canadian branch, Toronto, this afternoon, information leading to the disfellowshiping of Walter F. Salter by the Toronto company. At the regular weekly service meeting of the Winnipeg [Canada] company of Jehovah's Witnesses held this date, the motion of disfellowshiping Walter F. Salter by the Toronto company was also concurred in by the company here. The following resolution was also moved, seconded, and passed unanimously :

    (1) Seeing that the Lord’s people are being subjected to a barrage of literature calculated to undermine and over throw the faith of some, the Winnipeg company of Jehovah’s witnesses hereby recommend to all of the Lord’s people, here and elsewhere, the following course as a means of protection and safety:

    (2) Increased activity and interest in the Lord’s work, especially in the ‘strange work’ in the field service now beginning, as also the studies in The Watchtower and other publications. of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.

    (3) The destruction, without reading, of any such literature received through the mail or otherwise.

    (4) The turning of a deaf ear to anyone among us manifesting a desire to debate or argue respecting this course of action.

    We take this opportunity to tell you that we are unitedly behind you as the one Jehovah has raised up to carry forward the Kingdom witness, as directed by Christ Jesus, Jehovah's mighty King and Vindicator.

    We are in full harmony with the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society and the teachings which Jehovah is so bountifully providing us, through his visible channel, the columns of TheWatchtower.

    We assure you of our Christian love and our desire is that the Lord will continue to guide and direct you to the end that his purposes might be carried out. The above motion was unanimously adopted at a regular meeting of the company.

    Also note, that this was reprinted in the 1939 edition page 126

  • BluesBrother

    70 years ago, the advice was to 1] Do more Ministry 2] destroy any dissident literature 3] Turn a deaf ear to any of their sympathisers....

    What has changed ? I guess, Why change a winning formula?

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    yep, not much changed other than a tighter grip!

    they really ran with those three 'rules'...


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