"BRAZEN CONDUCT" The current way of enforcing disciplinary action.

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  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, as many already know, the term "Brazen Conduct" is the "Go-To / Cover-all" expression used by the society and in turn Elder bodies nowdays.

    If they suspect you of having a perceived "attitude", the Brazen Conduct is the charge. The penalty of this charge?? Yes, Disfellowshipping.

    Bad association? Brazen Conduct

    Excessive time at work? Brazen Conduct

    Not active in Service? Brazen Conduct

    Don't attend meetings often? Brazen Conduct


    AND...if you seem to resist the "loving help" of the Elders as they try to "readjust you...yup...you guessed it!

    Brazen Conduct!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Not sharing personal information/reasons - brazen conduct?

    Any active Elders confirm all of the above?

  • username
    The elders tried to use this on me when I had a greivance with another elder. Never mind the fact he had a violent temper and broke the law on many occasions when I was a tenent in one of his god awful houses he owned!
  • Bobcat

    Actually, as a translation I think "brazen conduct" is an improvement over the more ambiguous "loose conduct." (See here as an example.)

    But at the same time, in the hands of a star chamber court, "brazen conduct" is just the sort of weapon of choice. It allows the inquisitors to punish any attitude they don't like, or anyone who dares to think for themselves.


  • snugglebunny

    Actually, as a translation I think "brazen conduct" is an improvement over the more ambiguous "loose conduct."

    I always assumed "loose conduct" was a sex thing. Isn't it?

  • 3rdgen
    Isn't this a replacement term for the less harsh "walking disorderly"? which is a catchall phrase used to describe anything the elders don't like.
  • _Morpheus

    Yes and no, its always been true that you could be disfellowshipped for anything three elders agree on. The term brazen conduct didnt make it any more or less easy to do that.

    i didnt see any rush locally to use that term as a catch all. It was already fairly easy to reprove or bash people without it.

  • 3rdgen
    Thanks Morpheus, Why do you think they changed the term? Or do they still use "walking disorderly" too?
  • sparrowdown
    Brazen can be used to apply to defiance.
  • stuckinarut2

    I have been told that some inactive witnesses in "our congregation" territory are acting "brazenly" because they have refused the help of the elders who have offered to do shepherding calls on them!

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