JW Informal Witnessing

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  • ruruj

    I noticed WTS is encouraging the JWs to engage in more informal witnessing.

    Since door-to-door preaching is either becoming too barren or too dangerous for the controlled minds of its members, Watchtower seems to be exploring alternative preaching tactics.

    JW cyber-witnessing seems to be discouraged by Watchtower. Many JWs find the truth against Watchtower in the Internet.

    It seems that Watchtower is hoping that the old Informal Witnessing avenue becomes the next hit.

    What are your thoughts on this? Any ideas to counter JW Informal Witnessing?

  • wasblind

    I know that when i was in field service, we spoke to more people in the laundromats or in the parking lots than going door to door,

    in this area people didn't open their doors very often so we would just leave it in the door. And the ones who did open their doors

    were just being polite, this site get more recruits per week than we did in this area.

  • WTWizard

    It's just another way to encourage the witlesses to be full time dorks. Bad enough they go door to door. But, once they start preaching everywhere, they are in for some serious awakenings. They go preaching at work, they can get fired (and, in this economy, you cannot find another job). (Also, there are only so many windows to clean and toilets to scrub, and they cannot branch out into Christmas decoration businesses.) They start preaching at supermarkets, they are going in for dorkhood among store managers, clerks, and other customers. If they start preaching everywhere else, pretty soon everyone is going to ostracize them.

    For sure, that ought to keep them from finding anything worthwhile if they later decide they have had enough, since they will have burned all their social and employment bridges by their endless preaching.

  • ruruj

    I've an idea ... when a JW informally witnesses to you then this is your opportunity to expose Watchtower hypocrisy to them. Cling to them until they leave your reach while not disturbing others.

    In the U.S. everybody has freedom to express their religion and beliefs - including yours. Make sure there is no violence, harassment, and persecution because this would be unfair and breaking laws.

    Of course, you would not expect a return visit, but just in case be ready for return engagements.

    Seizing all APPROPRIATE OPPORTUNITY to expose Watchtower is an opportunity to make the Watchtower false god bleed even further.

    Perhaps the day may come when JWs say "enough is enough" to my cruel, ignorant and stupid master Watchtower and put it (Watchtower) in the corner of insignificance.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    JWs will never abandon the door-to-door work entirely. It's busy work for the flock, and it sets them apart from other religions. But informal witnessing is a far more effective way of actually converting someone. Of all the witnesses I knew that were converts, as opposed to born-ins, the majority came in through some form of informal witnessing. There were very few that were actually converted by the door-to-door method.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Another reason they won't give up the door to door work is the only way the can justify having individual witnesses purchase 10 or 20 copies of the same magazine each month and they need the money from those sales. If they stopped the door knocking their sales would drop by at least serveral 100%. Most Witnesses don't place many of them and they tend to pile up around the house but that doesn't matter to the WT because they have already make their money off of them already. If a Jdub happens to sell a few all the better. The WT gets to double dip and get paid again for the same magazine.

    I'm sure they are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get new members but I don't think it will happen. The beast is dying a slow death.

  • ruruj

    I've another idea ...

    I'll treat you to some goodies and refreshments if you counter-witness to me; well if I'm alone, my partner might rat me out.

    I'm just clocking my time.

  • cedars

    These guys make informal witnessing look easy!

    If I didn't know better, I would say they are just wandering aimlessly round a shopping mall! Obviously they are so good at this - you can't even tell they're doing it...



  • wasblind

    Looks as if their walkin' round wishin' they could be normal like everybody else

    I can't be the only one who thought that while out in FS

  • BluesBrother

    Yes, I have noticed this. The Study copy WT Oct 15 had a cover pic of a couple street witnessing in, I believe, Times Square using what they called a "Mobile literature display" cart. I had not seen one before. It is like something from the 1940's . Also I read an on line copy that showed tables set up for literature in public , to atract passers-by.

    It all goes around and comes around

    BTW. the people in the video are something like me in the days when I felt obliged to Aux Pioneer. Go Alone, look at shop windows, very occasionally offer a tract to someone....watch the clock! Man, it was sooo tedeous!

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