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  • Praise YaHuWaH
    Praise YaHuWaH

    I wanted to start a thread on forgiveness. I personally forgive all the pain, heartache, deception knowingly or unknowingly inflicted on me by all those that I grew up with in the congregation I grew up in. I also pray to YHWH to forgive me for the times that I deceived and hurt others and forsake His 10 Eternal Covenant Words and the Love Commandments of our MeoshiYAach. I was constantly taught fearing instead of loving. I was taught shunning instead of forgiveness. I was hurt mentally by the lack of real love by some and yet am thankful for those that did give and show love for one another. I learned so much and yet have had to unlearn so much. At least I found YHWH HalleluYAH!!!!!!! I am able to now see all the paganistic words that from my research are shown to have infiltrated ALL religions including JW's. All religion of today is a cult, not just our previous one. I pray that nobody replaces 1 cult with yet another but does strict research on the oldest scrolls that are now available online. I pray that you learn ancient AbraUW so that you do not have to rely on the defiled words that religions have put out as "bibles". So much deception... Our Father is not a HOVAH aka Mischief and RUIN 1943-Strongs Concordance. He is Love, He is not a murderer like the Yehudi Jews and others changed the scriptures to make Him out to be. The scriptures are purposely changed! Almost all of them. YHWH was taken out 7777 times. The antichrist is 66 EVILS (6), Namely, the 66 corrupted and popular books of religiondoms bibles...

    If you are a true word seeker please contact me for for discussion of extreme importance. If what I say does not speak to you, as Christ said, move on and brush the dust from you feet. If you are searching and seeking, all I can tell you is that I found truth and I found peace and more importantly I found YaHuWaH!!!!!!! HalleluYAH!


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