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    Comments You Will Not Hear at the 08 29 10 WT Study (June 15, 2010)(REFRESH)

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    FIND REFRESHMENT IN SPIRITUAL THINGS “Take my yoke upon you . . . ,and you will find refreshment for your souls.”
    —MATT. 11:29.


    How many times did you or have you heard a jw say, "that was the best meeting/assembly/convention ever" and then not be able to give back one specific point or application from it? Was it refreshing? Or were they merely required to spend the time (do the crime, do the time?)?


    1. What did God arrange for at Mount Sinai, and why?

    1 WHEN the Law covenant was inaugurated
    at Mount Sinai, it included the weekly
    Sabbath arrangement. Through his spokesman
    Moses, Jehovah commanded the nation of
    Israel: “Six days you are to
    do your work; but on the seventh day you
    are to desist, in order that your bull and your
    ass may rest and the son of your slave girl
    and the alien resident may refresh themselves.”
    (Ex. 23:12) Yes, out of consideration
    for those under the Law, Jehovah lovingly
    arranged for a day of rest so that his people
    might “refresh themselves.”


    Did Adam and Eve observe a sabbath, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, his sons? Why not?

    2. How did Israel benefit from keeping the Sabbath?

    2 Was the Sabbath just a day for relaxation?
    No, it was an integral part of the Israelites’
    worship of Jehovah. Keeping the Sabbath
    allowed family heads time to teach
    their family to “keep Jehovah’s way to do
    righteousness.” (Gen.18:19) It also provided
    an opportunity for family and friends to get
    together to reflect on Jehovah’s deeds and
    to have joyous association. (Isa. 58:13, 14)
    More important, the Sabbath prophetically
    pointed forward to a time when true refreshment
    would come through Christ’s Millennial
    Reign. (Rom. 8:21) But what about our
    day? Where and how can true Christians,
    who are interested in Jehovah’s ways, find
    such refreshment?


    God's kingdom = Christ's Millennial Reign?

    true Christians = only jws

    Interested in Christ's ways?

    Were the "family heads" allowed to do anything else but "teach" except on the pain of death on Sabbath; what about Christians?

    Find Refreshment Through Christian Association

    3. In what way did first-century Christians support
    one another, and with what result?

    3 The apostle Paul described the Christian
    congregation as “a pillar and support of the
    truth.” (1 Tim. 3:15) Early Christians received
    much support by encouraging one another and
    building one another up in love.
    (Eph. 4:11, 12, 16) While in Ephesus,
    Paul received an encouraging visit from
    members of the congregation in Corinth.
    Notice the effect that it had: “I rejoice over
    the presence of Stephanas and Fortunatus
    and Achaicus,” said Paul, “for they have refreshed my
    spirit.” (1 Cor. 16:17, 18) Similarly,
    when Titus went to Corinth to minister
    to the brothers there, Paul wrote back to
    the congregation, saying: “His spirit has
    been refreshed by all of you.” (2 Cor. 7:13)
    Likewise today, Jehovah’s Witnesses find
    genuine refreshment through upbuilding
    Christian fellowship.


    Christian congregation = only baptized anointed Christians...all Christians were anointed then.

    Why did Paul need encouragement from Corinth; were the Ephesian Christians deficient?

    Is it no surprise they encouraged a "circuit overseer"? What about the people in their home congregation, the old, the sick, the young, the ones with no power to give "privileges"?

    Jehovah's witnesses--why not Jehovah's Christian witnesses?

    What is considered refreshment, what is allowed by the WTS? Can 3 single jws gather and study in a private home?

    In the early 80's jws were told that only 2 families could study their WT together in a home; but not 3 or more single jws...danger of apostasy.

    *** km 7/74 p. 3 par. 2 Social Gatherings ***At times, two or more family groups get together to do Bible reading or to prepare for the weekly Watchtower study.

    4. How do congregation meetings refresh us?

    4 You know from experience that congregation
    meetings are a source of great joy.
    There we find an “interchange of encouragement
    . . . each one through the other’s
    faith.” (Rom. 1:12) Our Christian brothers
    and sisters are not mere passing acquaintances,
    superficial associates with whom we
    casually meet now and again. They are true
    friends, people we love and respect. We
    receive much joy and comfort by regularly
    assembling with them at our meetings.
    —Philem. 7.

    Do jws only associate in congregation meetings; never informally?

    Christian brothers and sisters = only jws

    Not mere passing acquaintances==this doesn't include the elders that don't know the names of the children in their field service group, the first names of the brothers' wives (only Sister Husband's Last Name)

    superficial associations--having been in a congregation for 10 years I had each of the elder's and their families over at least once a month...I on the other hand never saw the inside of their homes for 10 years although they invited others.

    Most jws only meet casually at the KH, never talk to other than a few select friends, the elders are always too busy with administration. I remember an older couple, husband an MS and wife a pioneer went on a 2 week vacation, no one noticed.

    Then there are the holy sisters who won't talk to you and make you chase them around the hall just to say hi; or the ones that run up and interrupt you when talking to a new person or one of their "trapped" friends and help them "escape."

    5. How can we refresh one another at conventions
    and assemblies?

    5 Another source of refreshment comes
    through our annual conventions and assemblies.
    In addition to supplying life-giving waters
    of truth from God’s Word, the Bible,
    these larger gatherings provide opportunity
    for us to “widen out” in our associations.
    (2 Cor. 6:12, 13) But what if we are shy and
    find it difficult to meet people? One way to
    get acquainted with our brothers and sisters
    is to give of ourselves at a convention. After
    helping to assist at an international convention,
    one sister remarked: “Except for my
    family and a handful of friends, I didn’t
    know many there. But when I helped with
    the cleaning, I met a lot of brothers and sisters!
    It was great fun!”


    Do jws talk to anyone else but their special friends from their home congregations unless it is a "special" family from a previous congregation?

    Is it the jw's fault if these don't talk to them; that "they" are shy?

    So cleaning is done by congregation groups; how do you meeting anyone new?
    How are a few casual words over a broom and then they disappear into the crowd to be with their "special" friend form the basis for a real friendship? Did they exchange addresses, sit with each other after that, go out for dinner after the convention?

    When I went in the ministry with out jws, I would hear how "high" in esteem they held others; weak spiritually, materialistic because they got a modest but new car; ambitious because they got a new job although their husbands were sucking up to the CO and his wife that week, with the accompanying green handshakes but no monetary help to those laid off, sick and without health insurance, etc., because they weren't in "good standing."

    6. What is one way we can find refreshment while
    on vacation?

    6 The Israelites used to travel to Jerusalem
    for worship at three festivals each year. (Ex.
    34:23) That often meant leaving fields and
    shops behind and traveling for days on foot
    along dusty roads. Still, going up to the temple
    resulted in “great rejoicing” as those
    present were ‘offering praise to Jehovah.’
    (2 Chron. 30:21) Many of Jehovah’s servants
    today likewise find that traveling with their
    family to visit Bethel, the nearby branch facilities
    of Jehovah’s Witnesses, results in great rejoicing.
    Could you include such a visit in your next
    family vacation?


    Did you know that the WTS models the convention, circuit assembly, special day after the 3 Jewish festivals?

    If everyone was a Jew, who looked after their fields, shops for the time they were at these festivals? What about thieves and invaders? Is the branch in the US near any but maybe 1/4 of jws; or Canada?

    I guess this rules out cruises...does many jws did you know that went on cruises with some other jws, but still surrounded by non-jws? Was that safe? What about "newly associated" whose spirituality has been "judged."

    jws were held responsible for any immorality before, during and after a party they held in their home.

    *** km 7/74 p. 3 par. 5 Social Gatherings ***But when arranging to entertain others, the size of the gathering is a factor to consider. Experience has shown that there can be pitfalls and problems in connection with large social gatherings. The one who is the host has a serious responsibility. He is accountable for what takes place at a gathering that is under his jurisdiction.

    *** w87 11/1 p. 18 par. 10 Are You Remaining Clean in Every Respect? ***Many brothers, for example, drop their moral guard during vacation periods. Neglecting theocratic association, they strike up friendships with worldly vacationers. Reasoning that these are ‘really nice people,’ some Christians have joined them in questionable activities.

    *** w06 3/1 pp. 19-20 par. 11 Wholesome Recreation That Refreshes ***
    Can you widen out individually or as a family to include others when making plans for occasional recreation? Some, such as a widow, a single person, or a single-parent family, may need encouragement. (Luke 14:12-14) You might also include a few who are newly associated, being careful, of course, not to expose others to any harmful influence. (2 Timothy 2:20, 21)

    7. (a) How can social gatherings be beneficial?
    (b) What can contribute to a memorable and upbuilding

    7 Getting together with family and friends
    for social gatherings can also be encouraging.
    Wise King Solomon declared: “With a
    man there is nothing better than that he
    should eat and indeed drink and cause his
    soul to see good because of his hard work.”
    (Eccl. 2:24) Social gatherings not only refresh
    the soul but also strengthen our bond
    of love with fellow Christians as we get to
    know them better. To help contribute to a
    memorable and upbuilding occasion, it is
    best to keep social gatherings small and to
    make sure that they are properly supervised,
    especially if any alcohol is served.


    fellow Christians = only jws (and then only the "spiritual" ones)

    keep small = how many? 5, 10, 20, ... large = what about weddings, receptions?

    *** w06 3/1 p. 20 par. 14 Wholesome Recreation That Refreshes ***Having large social events is not advisable, since supervision at such is often difficult. At a time that does not interfere with spiritual activities, a few families may decide to enjoy a picnic together or play a game that is not overly competitive. When some of the elders, ministerial servants, or other mature ones are present at a social gathering, they provide an influence for good and the occasion can be even more refreshing.

    If alcohol is served at a social gathering, this should be done with great discretion. Many Christian hosts decide to serve alcoholic drinks only if they can personally oversee what their guests are served or consume. Nothing should be permitted that might stumble others or tempt anyone to overindulge. (Ephesians 5:18, 19) For various reasons, some guests may decide to abstain from alcohol. Many places have a minimum legal drinking age, and Christians will be obedient to Caesar’s laws even if these regulations seem overly restrictive.—Romans 13:5.

    The host should make sure that any music, dancing, or other entertainment is consistent with Christian principles. M usical tastes differ, and a wide variety of music is available. However, much of today’s music promotes a spirit of rebellion, immorality, and violence. There is a need for being selective. Decent music need not necessarily be sedate, but neither should it be sensuous or vulgar, with emphasis on noise and a loud beat. Be careful that you do not leave the choice of music to someone who has yet to appreciate the need for keeping the volume at a moderate level. A dance that involves immodest behavior, emphasizing erotic movements of the hips and breasts, would obviously not be proper for a Christian.—1 Timothy 2:8-10.

    The Ministry Brings Refreshment

    8, 9. (a) Contrast Jesus’ message with that of the
    scribes and Pharisees. (b) How do we benefit by
    sharing Bible truths?

    8 Jesus was zealous for the ministry, and
    he encouraged his disciples to be the same.
    This is evident in his words: “The harvest is
    great, but the workers are few. Therefore, beg
    the Master of the harvest to send outworkers
    into his harvest.” (Matt. 9:37, 38) The message
    that Jesus taught was truly refreshing; it
    was “good news.” (Matt. 4:23; 24:14) This
    was in stark contrast with the burdensome
    rules that the Pharisees imposed on the people.—
    Read Matthew 23:4, 23, 24.


    Burdensome rules laid on jws by the WTS/FDS/GB/elders...for the sake order? How many rules can you think of that the elders set "without a scriptural basis"? Remember the "white shirt" rule for public speakers? One local congregation had that in force until 2 years ago and the other congregations in the circuit supported that "rule."

    *** w07 6/15 p. 19 Are You Imitating Jehovah in Caring for Others? ***Peter instructs elders: “Shepherd the flock of God in your care, not under compulsion, but willingly; neither for love of dishonest gain, but eagerly; neither as lording it over those who are God’s inheritance, but becoming examples to the flock.”—1 Peter 5:2, 3. The elders are responsible for organizing congregation activities, making arrangements for meetings, and maintaining order in the congregation.— 1 Corinthians 14:33.

    The above words of Peter, though, call our attention to a danger—that of elders’ “lording it over” the congregation. One step in that direction is an elder’s making unnecessary rules. Out of a strong sense of obligation to protect the flock, an elder might go too far. In one congregation in the Orient, elders made rules i n how to greet others in the Kingdom Hall—such as who should speak first—believing that following these rules would contribute to the peace of the congregation. Though the motives were no doubt good, were those elders imitating Jehovah’s care for his people? Significantly, the apostle Paul’s mental attitude was reflected in his words: “Not that we are the masters over your faith, but we are fellow workers for your joy, for it is by your faith that you are standing.” (2 Corinthians 1:24) Jehovah trusts his people.

    *** w89 11/1 pp. 29-30 Do You See Only the Outward Appearance? ***Our view of others is very limited compared to Jehovah’s, who reads the heart. (1 Chronicles 28:9) Appreciating this will prevent us from becoming modern-day, self-righteous Pharisees, trying to press people into our own man- made mold of righteousness in order that they might fit our concept of what is correct. If we try to see people as God sees them, we will not require more of them than he does. We will “not go beyond the things that are written.” (1 Corinthians 4:6) This is especially important for Christian elders to take to heart.—1 Peter 5:2, 3. We can illustrate this in the matter of dress. The Bible requirement—God’s requirement—is that a Christian’s clothing must be neat and clean, well-arranged and not betraying a lack of “modesty and soundness of mind.” (1 Timothy 2:9; 3:2) Obviously, then, the elders in one congregation went “beyond the things that are written” a few years ago by requiring every public speaker in their congregation to wear a white shirt, even though pastel colors were generally acceptable in that country. Guest speakers who showed up with a colored shirt were asked to change into one of several white shirts kept in the Kingdom Hall for just such emergencies.

    9 When sharing the Kingdom message
    with others, we offer them spiritual refreshment
    and, at the same time, sound down
    precious Bible truths into our own minds
    and hearts. The psalmist aptly said: “Praise
    Jah, you people, for it is good to make melody
    to our God; for it is pleasant.” (Ps. 147:1)
    Could you increase the joy you find in praising
    Jehovah to your neighbors?


    Do jws mention the "kingdom" in their presentations?
    If a few do, is theirs an earthly kingdom, where they will live forever?
    Who is the king, Jesus or God?
    No praising of Christ to your neighbors? Only in December does the WTS suggest that.

    10. Does our success in the ministry depend upon
    receiving a positive response to our message? Explain.

    10 Granted, in some territories people are
    more receptive to the good news than they
    are in others. (Read Acts 18:1, 5-8.) If you live
    in an area where there is limited response to
    the Kingdom message, try to focus on the
    good that you are accomplishing in theministry.
    Remember that your continued effort
    to proclaim Jehovah’s name is not in vain.
    (1 Cor. 15:58) Moreover, people’s response
    to the good news is not the measure of our
    success. We can rest assured that Jehovah
    will see to it that righthearted people will be
    given an opportunity to respond to the Kingdom
    message.—John 6:44.


    some are more receptive - countries where Christian missionaries opened the way (not jws)
    limited response to the "kingdom" message - or limited response to the WTS message
    Proclaim Jehovah or Jesus?

    righthearted people given an opportunity--an individual witness? Not according to the WTS.

    *** w00 1/15 p. 13 par. 17 “Keep on the Watch” ***Today, that prophecy is in the course of fulfillment on an unprecedented scale. True, untouched territories still exist, and it may be that in Jehovah’s due time, a large door leading to greater activity will open. (1 Corinthians 16:9) Nevertheless, the Bible does not state that Jehovah will wait until every individual on earth has received a personal witness. Rather, the good news must be preached to Jehovah’s satisfaction. Then the end will come.—Compare Matthew 10:23.

    *** w97 8/15 p. 14 par. 11 Living for Today or for an Eternal Future? ***True, untouched territories still exist, and perhaps in Jehovah’s due time, a door of opportunity will open. (1 Corinthians 16:9) Still, Jesus’ words recorded at Matthew 10:23 are sobering: “You will by no means complete the circuit of the cities of Israel until the Son of man arrives.” While the good news will surely be announced throughout the earth, we will not in person reach all parts of the earth with the Kingdom message before Jesus “arrives” as Executioner.

    *** w62 2/1 p. 96 Questions From Readers ***Accordingly, by means of his instructions to his twelve apostles Jesus was prophetically telling us today that his anointed disciples or the remnant of spiritual Israel would not complete the circuit of the entire inhabited earth with the preaching of the message of God’s established kingdom before the glorified heavenly King Jesus Christ would arrive as Jehovah’s executional officer in the battle of Armageddon. This means that Jehovah’s witnesses today, who now include hundreds of thousands of the “other sheep” or earthly companions of the spiritual remnant, will not be able to reach personally all parts of the earth with the Kingdom message before the battle of Armageddon breaks out.

    Family Worship Refreshes

    11. What responsibility has Jehovah given parents,
    and how can they fulfill it?

    11 Godly parents are responsible for instructing
    their children about Jehovah and
    his ways. (Deut. 11:18, 19) If you are a parent,
    do you schedule time to teach your children
    about our loving heavenly Father? To
    help you fulfill this solemn responsibility
    and address your family’s needs, Jehovah
    has supplied an abundance of wholesome
    spiritual food through books, magazines,
    videos, and audio recordings.


    No time to learn about a loving Jesus?
    Jehovah has supplied--no longer the FDS?

    *** w07 1/15 p. 20 Remaining Steadfast When a Child Rebels ***You can draw his attention to various scriptures and to the publications provided by “the faithful and discreet slave.” (Matthew 24:45)

    12, 13. (a) How can families benefit from the Family
    Worship evening? (b) How can parents make
    sure that their family worship is a source of refreshment?

    12 In addition, the faithful and discreet
    slave class has made arrangements for a
    Family Worship evening. This is an evening
    set aside each week for family Bible study.
    Many have found that this arrangement has
    drawn them closer together in love and has
    strengthened their relationship with Jehovah.
    But how can parents make sure that
    their family worship is a source of spiritual


    For years the LDS (Mormons) have had the Family Home Evening. ? ocale=0&sourceId=c61476e6ffe0c010VgnVCM1000004d82620a____&vgnextoid=2354fccf2b7db010VgnVCM1000004d82620aRCRD

    "in addition" So does "Jehovah" or the FDS provide?
    Many? How many? Why was the "family" study arrangement a failure in doing this?

    13 The Family Worship evening should
    not be a dry, somber occasion. After all, we
    worship “the happy God,” and he wants us
    to be joyful in our worship. (1 Tim. 1:11;
    Phil. 4:4) Having an extra evening to discuss
    spiritual gems from the Bible is a real blessing.
    Parents can be flexible in their teaching
    methods, using imagination and ingenuity.
    For example, one family allowed their ten year-
    old son, Brandon, to present a report
    entitled “Why Did Jehovah Use a Snake to
    Represent Satan?” This issue had bothered
    Brandon because he loves snakes, and he
    was upset that they were associated with Satan.
    Some families have occasionally put on
    Bible dramas, with each member of the
    family playing a character, reading his part
    from the Bible, or acting out an event. Not
    only are these teaching methods fun but
    they can keep your children involved, so
    that Bible principles can touch their heart.

    *For additional information on how a family study
    can be made interesting and informative, see Our Kingdom
    Ministry of December 1990, pages 1-2.


    Have you noticed the increase in lame illustrations and examples? Notice there is no statement saying that this is not Brandon's real name.

    So the family study arrangement for the last 50 years was "a dry, somber occasion" that's why it failed to be a joyful occasion? That it needed to be replaced by the Family Worship

    Are spiritual gems from the Bible studied or from WTS publications? Can only the Bible be studied?

    Can non-jws who study with jws depart from the question, read paragraph, answer from paragraph method?

    If parents were too "tired" to study with their children, will adding a day help? Hardly, since jws had Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. (with a little adjustment for location)

    BTW, did God use a snake to represent Satan, or did Satan use a snake to hide behind? God made an ass speak to Balaam, and the WTS says Satan used the same power? What does Russell say?

    *** w88 9/1 p. 8 pars. 2-3 Unmasking the Serpent ***Although the promoter of the disobedience of Adam and Eve is identified as a serpent, no immediate clue is given as to who was the real power and intelligence behind the voice emitted by the serpent. Nevertheless, Adam had a long time to reflect on the events in Eden that led to his expulsion from the paradise park.—Genesis 3:17, 18, 23; 5:5.

    Obviously, Adam knew that animals do not speak with human intelligence. He also knew that God had not spoken to him through any animal prior to Eve’s temptation. So who had told his wife to disobey God? Paul says that even though the woman was thoroughly deceived, Adam was not deceived. (Genesis 3:11-13, 17; 1 Timothy 2:14) Perhaps Adam realized that some invisible creature was offering an alternative to obedience to God. Yet, although he himself was not approached by the serpent, he chose to go along with his wife in disobedience.

    *** w01 11/15 p. 27 Questions From Readers ***
    Although speech was used to misguide Eve in the garden of Eden, there is nothing to suggest that the literal serpent had vocal cords. It actually did not need them. When God’s angel spoke to Balaam through a she-ass, the animal did not need a complex voice box similar to that of a human. (Numbers 22:26-31) Obviously, when this ‘voiceless beast of burden made utterance with the voice of a man,’ the power for the action came from the spirit realm.—2 Peter 2:16.

    *** w84 9/1 p. 31 Questions From Readers ***In 1907, C. T. Russell wrote: “Whether it spoke with audible voice or only by its actions we cannot know—it was quite probably the latter, as we sometimes say, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’”

    Avoid What Might Weigh You Down

    14, 15. (a) How have stress and insecurity increased
    in the last days? (b) What added stress may
    we face?

    14 Stress and insecurity have increased in
    these last days of this wicked system of
    things. Unemployment and other economic
    hardships affect millions. Even those who
    have a job often feel that the money they
    earn is carried home in a pocket full of holes,
    resulting in little benefit to their family.
    (Compare Haggai 1:4-6.) Politicians and other
    leaders seem helpless as they struggle to
    cope with terrorism and other sources of
    evil. Many people are plagued by their own
    personal shortcomings.—Ps. 38:4.


    What proof does the WTS present that people have more stress...just because there are more people on earth, does that prove that individuals have more stress?

    Notice how the WTS tiptoes around not offending politicians..."politicians and other leaders seem helpless"

    15 True Christians are not immune to the
    problems and pressures exerted by Satan’s
    system of things. (1 John 5:19) In some instances,
    Christ’s disciples may face certain
    added stress as they strive to remain faithful
    to Jehovah. “If they have persecuted me,
    they will persecute you also,” said Jesus.
    (John 15:20) However, even when “we are
    persecuted,” we are “not left in the lurch.”
    (2 Cor. 4:9) Why is that so?


    True Christians--only jws
    Christ's disciples--only jws

    Why not "Jehovah's Christian Witnesses"?

    added stress--their own personal shortcomings??

    Should jws expect personal protection?

    *** g96 4/8 p. 27 Can True Christians Expect Divine Protection? ***For example, the survival of the Christian congregation as a whole is guaranteed because it is closely linked with the fulfilling of that purpose. However, Christ plainly told his disciples that they as individuals could face death because of their faith. After stating this, Jesus stressed, not miraculous deliverance, but ‘endurance to the end.’ (Matthew 24:9, 13) The fact that some individuals were protected, while others were not, does not indicate that God is partial. God simply used the person who was in the best position to accomplish his purpose, which ultimately will benefit all mankind...Since nothing can separate us from God’s love, the question each Christian should ask is not ‘Will I have divine protection?’ but ‘Do I have Jehovah’s blessing?’

    16. What can help us to maintain our joy?

    16 Jesus said: “Come to me, all you who are
    toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh
    you.” (Matt. 11:28) By having full faith in
    the ransom provision of Christ, we put ourselves
    in Jehovah’s hands, so to speak. In this
    way, we obtain “power beyond what is normal.”
    (2 Cor. 4:7) “The helper,” God’s holy
    spirit, bolsters our faith significantly so that
    we can not only endure the trials and tribulations
    we face but also remain joyful.—John
    14:26; Jas. 1:2-4.


    Are jws prepared to die...or are they told they will never die but live through the great tribulation?

    Starting in 1918, the WTS delivered a talk "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" followed by a booklet of the same name. How many people living in 1918 still live today, 92 years later?

    *** w05 4/15 p. 5 Taking in Knowledge—Now and Forever ***All evidence shows that this “day” is very near, which means that you may “never die at all.”

    *** w83 10/1 p. 18 par. 20 Millions Get Ready for Uninterrupted Life on Earth ***What a unique privilege is now set before the “great multitude” of the Fine Shepherd’s “other sheep”! (John 10:16) The hope that is set before them—that of living in unmarred happiness in a garden of Eden restored to earth and expanded worldwide—is most inviting. Truly they will have something for which to live. Among all mankind that will dwell upon the Paradise earth their experience will indeed be unique and different, that of having survived the end of this wicked system of things and of never dying off our earth.

    17, 18. (a) What spirit do we need to guard
    against? (b)What can result from putting emphasis
    on mundane pleasures?

    17 Genuine Christians today need to guard
    against being unduly influenced by the
    pleasure-mad spirit of this world. (Read
    Ephesians 2:2-5.) Otherwise, we may be ensnared
    by “the desire of the flesh and the desire
    of the eyes and the showy display of
    one’s means of life.” (1 John 2:16) Or we
    may mistakenly believe that yielding to the
    desires of the flesh will bring refreshment.
    (Rom. 8:6) For example, some people have
    turned to drug and alcohol abuse, pornography,
    extreme sports, or various illicit activities
    in an effort to excite their senses. The
    “crafty acts” of Satan are intended to mislead
    by giving one a perverted sense of refreshment.—
    Eph. 6:11, ftn.


    Genuine Christians--only jws

    So all or most non-jws are "pleasure-mad"? What proof does the WTS give?

    So what are extreme sports?

    And of course, the catch-all phrase, "various illicit activities"

    What is an extreme sport per the WTS?

    *** w07 2/15 p. 29 Why Avoid Extremes? ***Indulgence in recreation and entertainment, such as in extreme or “adrenaline” sports, is flourishing.

    *** w76 10/15 p. 623 par. 10 What Does Youth Want out of Life? ***Also, some sports, such as football, can be dangerous, especially when your body is in the process of developing physically. What has made some sports so dangerous is the extreme competitiveness—the win-at-all-costs attitude— that is often encouraged.

    *** g02 10/8 pp. 22-23 Thrill Seekers—Why the Fatal Attraction? ***
    Many thrill seekers take part in extreme sports, including death-defying stunts such as climbing the sides of city skyscrapers without safety equipment, snowboarding down steep 20,000-foot [6,000 m] mountains, bungee jumping off high towers and bridges, parachuting out of airplanes while strapped to another jumper’s back, or climbing sheer ice-covered cliffs with nothing but a pair of small pickaxes in their hands. “I expect to lose three to four friends a year,” lamented one ice climber. These are just some of the death-defying stunts that have become popular in the sports world.

    Rock climbing up the sheer sides of mountains with nothing but tiny fingerholds and toeholds is attracting thousands. And so it goes.

    *** g00 10/8 p. 18 “Extreme Sports”—Should You Take the Risk? ***However, this increase in popularity also brings with it a high personal cost. More and more people get injured when relatively safe sports are taken to an extreme. In the United States during 1997, emergency-room visits for skateboarding-related injuries increased by more than 33 percent, for snowboarding 31 percent, and for mountain climbing 20 percent.

    Taking unnecessary risks in the name of recreation can affect a true Christian’s precious relationship with Jehovah as well as his eligibility for special privileges in the congregation. (1 Timothy 3:2, 8-10; 4:12; Titus 2:6-8) Clearly, even when engaging in recreational activities, Christians do well to consider the Creator’s view of the sacredness of life.

    -------------------WHAT IS AN EXTREME SPORT PER THE WTS?--------------

    18 True, there is nothing wrong with eating,
    drinking, and engaging in wholesome
    forms of entertainment when done in moderation.
    Yet, we do not allow such things to
    become our primary focus in life. Balance
    and self-control are vital, especially in view
    of the times in which we live. Personal pursuits
    could weigh us down to the extent that
    we become “inactive or unfruitful regarding
    the accurate knowledge of our Lord Jesus
    Christ.”—2 Pet. 1:8.


    Primary focus--how much focus is allowed by the WTS on jw activities?
    Is owning a new house or car weighing down; going to school; getting married; having children?

    19, 20. How can true refreshment be found?

    19 When we are attuned to Jehovah’s regulations,
    we recognize that any pleasures offered
    by this world are momentary. Moses
    realized that, and so do we. (Heb.11:25) The
    fact is that true refreshment, the kind that
    brings a deep, long-lasting sense of joy and
    satisfaction, comes from doing our heavenly
    Father’s will.—Matt. 5:6.


    All pleasure is momentary...and will still be so in the WTS paradise on earth. It would be unhealthy to have the pleasure button on at all times.

    But for a momentary lapse, Moses was not allowed to go into the promised land (paradise on earth). What about jws today?

    20 May we continue to find refreshment in
    spiritual things. By doing so, we “repudiate
    ungodliness and worldly desires . . . while
    we wait for the happy hope and glorious
    manifestation of the great God and of the
    Savior of us, Christ Jesus.” (Titus 2:12,13) So
    let us be determined to remain under Jesus’
    yoke by submitting to his authority and direction.
    In doing so, wewill find true happiness
    and refreshment!


    Refreshment but no apart from the WTS..
    Is remaining under Christ's yoke means remaining under the WTS yoke? Submitting to their "authority and direction"? Is it true there is no approach through Christ to God except through the WTS/FDS/GB?

    How Would You Answer?

    ? How do Jehovah’s people find
    refreshment today?

    ? In what way does the ministry refresh
    us and those to whom we speak?

    ? What can family heads do to make
    sure that their family worship brings

    ? What things weigh us down spiritually?


    Sorry, next week's WT is at home. This is brought to you on the road from Montana. We have seen turkeys, pronghorn, a huge bull moose, grizzly bears (from inside the van), mountain goats, but not a single buffalo. We have been truly refreshed seeing the mountains, the lakes, the rivers. We are going up into Glacier National Park. I should be home by next Sunday.

    Love, Blondie

  • fokyc

    Thanks Blondie; that's the way to get refreshed, out in the open air in the wild!

    Not stuck in a lousy miserable kingdom hall.

    Enjoy Glacier National Park.

    PS An extreme sport is 'Bungie Jumping', quote from a CO

  • Mall Cop
    Mall Cop

    Blondie! Your comments you will not hear is very refreshing. When you help us read between the lines with documented support you give us a breath of fresh air.

    I have been reading your 'comments' since 2002 and have always found you to be a very fair and direct person in your comments.

    When someone reads these comments they have to acknowledge that there is something very wrong with those who actually sit down and write these articles.

    They continue to sprinkle these articles with the false hope that the end is near, the carrot is always dangling before their eyes, and it is this lure that keeps them from understanding your comments.

    Blondie we don't know how many persons you have helped over the years with your comments, however, many have responded in a positive way, including yours truly.

    No longer a captive and leading a refreshing life outside the walls of the watchtower.

    Blueblades/ Mall Cop

  • blondie

    Thanks for the encouragement. I hope I have helped some see the publications with a fresh eye. I actually started these comments when I still attended and took a closer look.

    Love, Blondie

    A little rest today and then onto Glacier.

  • bobld

    Thanks Blondie

    Enjoy your vacation.

    Your comments are right on,especially when you point out how the GB/FDS replace themselves for God.That is what they say is like coming from God himself.

    Also the Q about stress and unemployment today,what about stress and unemployment or not in the 1930.


  • BluesBrother

    Btt.. I managed to miss this at the weekend, Blondie fooled me by being early with it. This article is full of absolute screamers that even wound up the dubby family :

    4 You know from experience that congregation meetings are a source of great joy.There we find an “interchange of encouragement. . . each one through the other’ faith.” (Rom. 1:12) Our Christian brothers and sisters are not mere passing acquaintances,superficial associates with whom we casually meet now and again. They are true friends,

    Utter twaddle...Our family has been "in" for decades with not a real friend to call their own.

    5 One sister remarked [after volunteering at a convention] I didn't know many but when I helped with cleaning I met lots...

    Hmm..did she previously get vetted and nominated to serve? They make it sound like you can still just turn up and pitch in.

    6 Could you include such a visit [to the local Bethel] in your next family vacation?

    Only if you pack your best suit and tie to fulfil their dress code !

    They seem to think that they can make people happy by just writing about it rather that actually promoting things that would build a good spirit ..E g, par 7 recommends social gatherings but they must be kept small, so only a few can benefit. They positively discourage large gatherings .

    They tell us that "The Ministry" brings refreshment..Did it for you?? Certainly not for me...

    If they wanted to encourage "Spiritual fellowship" discussing God's word, they had a weekly opportunity at the weekly group study, but they stopped that.. Para 12 " The F & D Slave class has made arrangements for a Family Worship evening"....What arrangements? It seems to me that they are left on their own to get on with it ..Some do, some don't. Not everyone has a family. They are alone. Para 13 talks about teaching children, O K but what about the singles?

    The final part talks about the old world with its stress and alcohol...It seems to me that life the J W way would be enough to drive you to drink...

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