The Wheat and the Weeds Parable

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  • ProdigalSon

    I never did understand this parable, and now I know why. The caretaker of the field was told to let the weeds and the wheat grow TOGETHER until the harvest. I've had gardens, and I've never had one morsel of harvestable food survive an onslaught of weeds. Then I did a little farming research, and its a FACT that if you let weeds grow in a wheat field, they will kill the crop entirely and you will have nothing but weeds. I thought maybe I was the only one who experienced cognitive dissonance with this until I recently read a book called "The Gospel of Thomas, Annotated and Explained" by Stevan L. Davies, and he made the very same point.


  • bible brain
    bible brain

    Hi Prodical Son, quite an interesting point you have, of course you are talking about the illustration of Jesus in

    earthly terms, and we know just how the weeds take over the whole garden, whereas Jesus was using the

    illustration as to "the kingdom seed". A spiritual seed.

    If you were referring to Matt 13v24 onwards, the illustration is, Jesus will sow kingdom seed on the earth,

    "the good seed means the sons of the kingdom" v38. Those whoes names are written down in

    heaven to receive the kingdom. While they were sleeping spiritually speaking, Satan came and

    sowed his seed amongst them inside the church of the Christ .

    Just like your garden, the weeds sown by Satan became so overpowering they were choking the

    fine seed and in verse 49, it shows the angels will do the separating work. This is the first harvest of the first-fruits.

  • Heaven

    One of my issues with this parable was that it never identified what a 'weed' was. So if there were, say, a bunch of chicory growing amongst the wheat, would these be considered 'weeds'?

    If God created everything, then he created 'weeds'. What constitutes a 'weed'? IMHO... a weed is a human invention/idea. Everything that grows has a purpose.

    For those that don't know, this is chicory:


  • Heaven

    One of my biggest issues with the Bible is the lack of clarity and the lack of 'specifics':

  • scottmedeiros

    I like it, it good

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