I abhor what the GB/WBTS says about people

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  • bobld

    EX: A christian family,lives by bible principles,has high moral standards,has faith in God & Jesus,are unselfish,honest,peaceable,kind,have a fine reputation in the community,volunteers & does charitable works,donates to the Red Cross(this is an ORG. that is 1st on site when disaster strikes with food,shelter and medical aid).

    When one of this family member becomes an apostate and decides to become a member of the WBTS as a jw.The GB tells the apostate that his family is evil and that he must not associate with them because that would be like partaking of "The table of Demons"

    I abhor such HATE speech.


  • StAnn

    What your post underscores is that Christians need really good catechesis and really good Bible study so that their children are well reared in Christianity and not likely to succumb to the tricks and twists of the WTS. The best defense is a good offense.

  • wasblind

    Yes StAnn,

    christians most definitley need to warn their children about cults,

    just like they would do with drugs or any other danger.

  • ProdigalSon

    Let's face it, the Watchtower gets the vast majority of its Pharisee ammunition from the Bible, compiled by a corrupt priesthood who were in the "sin" business, just like they are.

    Unfortunately for JW's, as the Great Master taught, judging is what gets you a ticket to hell, and they are the Grand Masters of the craft.

    Religion is on the way out, and so are its "holy" books. The Internet is just what we needed to get people's heads out of their asses and wake up and recognize their own true potential.


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