I don't Know what to do anymore!!

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  • LucyA

    I'm afraid of people and Ive really tried for fifteen years the rational part of mind keeps telling me im being stupid i've worked with these people for seven years I trust them there all really really kind NONE of them have done anything to harm me and when i'm at work and hanging around them i'm fine and happy and talkative but the moment I get into a situation where I have too be socalable I start having panic attacks and I cant breathe I tried talk to my dad (non JW parent) he told me to get over it that i've been out fifteen years and I cant blame my mothers religion for everything. I'm starting too wonder if thiers somthing wrong with me! the worst part is while the rational part of my brain is telling me my reations stupid the irrational part of brain is screraming and my hearts beating so fast I cant feal or control my reations. Im Scared Im going to feel this way forrever!

  • littlebird

    Im no doctor, and you may not have this, but you sound alot like me. Im doing better, much better. I have generalized anxiety disorder and have panic attacks, my medication works very well. When I was a witness, I felt guilty for taking meds, (you know, considered spiritually weak, despite what they may put in print). Truth is , its a chemical imbalance, no matter how one side of me tried to be reasonable, the other side of me wigged out. I've gone through the very things you describe. No, you cant blame the religion for everything, but, it can exaggerate the problems. Their need to see everything in black or white, the strive to do everything right all the time, you cant do this or that, its a wonder we're not all in straight jackets banging our heads into walls. I need meds just like somebody with a heart problem or a diabetic. Go see your doctor.

  • Quando

    Hi LucyA,

    Your pulling a long time lurker out...sheesh!

    Please put some extra potassium in your diet, this is a needed element for heart function.

    When you do your research around the heart you will see it as physical, emotional, and energetic, and spiritual and when STRESS manifests itself it will deplete this simple mineral that is needed in every cell.....

    The catch 22 is most our food is depleted so you may have to supplement. I would choose Potassium Gluconate over the citric or chloride.

  • VampireDCLXV


    I don't know what it's like to have panic attacks but I know enough about anxiety and depression. When it comes to anxiety disorder, panic attacks are almost a dead giveaway. You really should see your doctor ASAP. Get a referral to a psychiatrist if need be.
    I can understand if you might be hesitant to go to a shrink because you're fearful of being branded as "crazy", but this might not be something you can take care of on your own. The social stigma surrounding mental illness is awful and inexcusable but for now it's a part of life. Don't let it stop you from getting help. This sounds serious.
    Whether or not you are officially diagnosed with anything, you should seek out a local mental health support group if one exists in your area. Being in a support group does help a lot, especially with depression. Believe me.

    Good luck,


  • transhuman68

    There are workshops and meetings you can attend to help work through anxiety attacks; should be some local if you are in a big city.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Anxiety attacks occur in plenty of people who aren’t/never were JWs. It’s a sign of an anxiety disorder, and I’d recommend that you see a Dr about it. He can refer you to a specialist who will be able to help you.

    All the best!

  • nelly136

    when i'm at work and hanging around them i'm fine and happy and talkative but the moment I get into a situation where I have too be socalable I start having panic attacks

    youre halfway there, you need to remember to give yourself credit for what you have achieved,

    the other half..there is absolutely no shame in asking a doctor to refer you to someone to help with the bit that causes you the anxiety and panic attacks. there are lots of different therapies available these days

  • nelly136

    and welcome quando

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Social anxiety responds very well to treatment. A combination of medication to reduce the physical arousal of the panic attacks and counseling to help you to address any core issues or beliefs that may be contributing to the anxiety usually work the best. One can often stop medication after one has learned to reduce the symptoms of arousal on their own.

  • cognizant dissident

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