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  • Mattieu

    My apoogies to my Northern Hemisphere friends who have already commented on the new releases at the district convention over the last couple of months. Wifey is at the first Australian one today and came home last night with 2 new brochures; Was Life Created? & The Origin of Life - Five Questions worth asking...

    At first glance, nice quality print job (printed in Japan) colourful pictures to keep the kids busy all day at the convention site, but on further look the style of reasoning is sickening. the old circular style of reasoning that if applied to the organisation would show it up for what it is.

    But, I need to know is 2 brochures on the old subject Creation v Evoloution really appropriate? Two 32 page brochures on a subject that isnt really relevant in some countries or has already been extensively covered in other recent WBT$ publications...

    Isnt there other pressing issues that the borg could have covered? Do a survey on the average John & Jane Doe in the congo and I am sure the issue of creation v evoloution is furtherst from their mind. The borg is telling them that they are under constant attack from satan and this sytem of things, they have all the same other emotional and financial pressures of "worldly" people, yet when it comes to "food at the proper time" heck, give them 2 brochures on creation!

    Is the WBT$ stuck for ideas or too scared to delve into the "deeper things of gods word" for fear of being caught out?? The latest w/t has a 4 page article on the Big Ben clock tower in London! How is that proper food or helping those poor brothers and sisters feeling the pressure of this system of things?

    Sorry for the rant, this is my 1st district convention I have never been to and wifey insists on taking the kids. Better head up to the shops and keep busy before I go too long.

    Cheers, Mattieu

  • wannabefree

    What do you mean need help?

    There are two because one is basically religion neutral but offers an alternative to evolution for placing with evolutionists or schools. The talk at my convention referenced how there was an Awake! a year or two ago about evolution/creation and how there were a lot of positive experiences placing this with schools. One of the brochures deals with scenarios such as this as there is no theology promoted, just creation as an option to be considered.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Printed in Japan? I thought they printed everything at Ingleburn? Or has that changed now?

  • Mattieu

    Hi Wannabefree, apologies I didnt make it clear what help I was after. It was in reference to the talks that were given when the brochures were released. Generally the talk will center around the new release and explain why it has been printed, which your reply did touch on. I just cannot see a need for 2 brochures, unless something was mentioned during those talks to explain the need. Both brochures contain very little scriptural references.

    I asked wifey what the talks were about (couldnt remember)

    BP - Hello again. If I recall corectly, only the w/t and awake are printed at Ingleburn, all other publications come out of Japan. Though Ingleburn does do a lot of printing as well for the Pacific Islands.

    Cheers, Mattieu

  • penny2

    Our DC (Adelaide) is next weekend. I haven't been for about 10 years so for me, I'm just relieved I don't have to sit there for 3 days listening to those boring talks.

    That your wife couldn't remember what the talks were about, that's not surprising. Shows what a waste of time it really is.


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