The BP Carnage Continues..

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    By now you all know there is a problem with the pipe in the well...and by now you've probably heard all the stories of people who have been sickened from the toxins....the claim that all the water is fresh and clean and the food ready to eat...but those who are realists understand that this has not gone away, it won't go away for years and sooner or later, all the people that were covering up for BP or the government, will begin to speak. This example of the dead birds is just one of many rising up and being heard........sammieswife


    Dead Birds Found on Modoto Island off Louisiana coast, CNN iReport, August 26, 2010:

    On the morning of August 25th, I chartered a boat to a little island south of Lake Felicity off the Louisiana coast to check out the reports of thousands of dead birds I had been hearing about from other birders.

    I also wanted to confirm my suspicions from finding dead birds on the roadside…

    A crab fisherman, Mr. Verdin, agreed to take me to “THAT” Island….The one I feared to see…But, knew I had to. …

    Mr. Verdin found a spot to pull the boat close to the marsh grasses…

    I walked not two feet and there they were…strewn around like popcorn all over the place…laughing gulls. I guess I kinda of expressed my sentiments loudly cause Mr. Verdin was at my side in no time flat to see what I saw. He was also in complete awe. We walked the island together, mostly in silence, lost in our own thoughts and fears and sadness.

    Every 10-20 feet were more gulls under a bush or laying flat on the small shells or coffee grind colored soil. Some were fully intact and others were not. Most were decomposing rapidly… some were recent and still looked fat and pretty except for their eyes of course.

    In a ten foot circumference, I counted seventeen gulls. Walking another ten-twenty feet were another 17-20 gulls.

    Then I spotted her…a mother gull with an egg fully intact… But it was never to be…she died before the egg even had a chance to hatch. …

    In all we covered about 100 feet to the north, 30-40 feet east, and 100 feet south in a different area. I estimate we saw about 200-300 laughing gulls – all dead.

  • leavingwt

    In your opinion, is the President lying?

    When President Obama took his August microvacation along the Gulf of Mexico, he swam in the water, munched on fish tacos, and said, “Let me be clear. Seafood from the gulf is safe to eat.”

  • BurnTheShips

    The Gulf harvests have been tested and retested. Scrutinized.

    The President is telling the truth. Gulf sea food is safe to eat.

    If you are going to pass up Gulf shrimp for shitty imported stuff you are nuts.


  • read good books
    read good books

    I don't think we know the whole story yet information is being withheld...

    "EPA did not immediately respond to requests for comment. It is under fire from Congress for allowing BP and the coast guard to ignore its order last May to cut the use of dispersants by 75%. Documents released by the Massachusetts Democrat Ed Markey this week show the EPA allowed spraying of dispersants 74 times over a period of 48 days. At times, the EPA gave advance approval for the use of dispersants for up to a week. The documents also showed the EPA allowed BP to spray 36,000 gallons of Corexit in a single day. The controversy surrounding EPA's role in the oil spill marks a turning point for the Obama administration, which came to power vowing to repair the frayed relationship between scientists and government under George Bush and promising a new era of transparency.

    Nine leading scientists have written a public letter calling on BP and the Obama administration to release all scientific data related to the spill, including wildlife death. "Just as the unprecedented use of dispersants has served to sweep millions of gallons of oil under the rug, we're concerned the public may not get to see critical scientific data until BP has long since declared its responsibility over," said Bruce Stein of the National Wildlife Federation."

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