Tornando of fire

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  • PSacramento

    Well, I guess a moving pillar of fire is NOT supernatural after a ;)

  • PSacramento

    Just in case 'normal' tornadoes are not terrifying enough for you, a rare flaming tornado has been caught on camera.
    The 'fire tornado' was filmed as it burnt through fields in Sao Paulo, Brazil and though it didn't last long is a scary insight into the phenomenon.

    Also known as 'fire whirls' and 'fire devils' they are caused by warm updrafts over a fire and can spin at 100mph and reach 1km high.

    Luckily, this example didn't come close to those measurements and was gone as quickly as it was formed.

    However, this isn't going to offer much consolation to locals in Aracatuba who have seen a number of brush fires spread across the area.

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