Toronto neighborhood kicks out street preachers.

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  • chrisjoel
  • chrisjoel
  • Cagefighter

    I'd kick that lady out just for wearing that awful hat with a pastel colored dress!

  • Finally-Free

    More of us should do that.


  • jamiebowers

    GAWD, I hope people like that never come to my neighborhood on a Sunday night. I'd hate like hell to have to shoot someone for interrupting True Blood, LOL!

  • wobble

    I guess they were not J.W's ? they looked similar, but a little different, or is that just because I am from the U.K ?

    I have been telling as many people as possible about the "Do Not Call" list , and I hope lots go on it so that gradually they have less and less houses to disturb.

    Mind you ,the last chap I told about it , who I know hates all religions, said "No I like talking to them and watching them squirm !"

    I guess he is best left off the DNC list so as to cause more disruption to their pointless door knocking.

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl

    Real brave neighborhood. Intimidating a group of people carrying Bibles.

    If they would have been carrying Korans, I doubt they would have had the courage.

    Hopefully, the Hells Angels, or a group like that rents, or buys a house in that neighborhood, and then we will see who the intimidated are.


    Night Owl

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