Does this sound familiar?

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  • HappyOutsideTheBox

    I found this yesterday - I though you would enjoy it.


  • Hadit

    Thanks! That about sums it up.

  • VampireDCLXV

    That's the problem with the borg. They think "encouragement" = genuine concern, caring, compassion, etc.

    "Encouragement" is a canned, synthetic, counterfeit, ersatz show of love. It's not real at all. It doesn't help. They can keep it for themselves.


  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    What's with the Stephen Hawking robot voices?

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  • sabastious
  • HappyOutsideTheBox

    I couldn't remember how to start a a new topic so I'm popping this on here!

    Do you think this message would tempt me back to the loving arms of the cong?

    A 25 year old relative of mine was being stalked last week by an older woman. The police were involved and the perpetrator arrested.

    As it was the convention and his uber zealous and hypocritical mother- AKA my sister, was going to be absent from the home over the weekend I called him to see how he was doing. In the course of the conversation I referred to 50 shades of grey' (the stalker had fantasised' about him being Mr Grey). I mentioned that folks do all sorts and that even my neighbour is now having 2 guys round for sex ( the walls of the property are not very sound proof so nothing is left to the imagination).

    I tried to make him chill out about the whole thing and realise that life in the 'world' has changed but that - hey - just live and let live and get on with his own life with his girlfriend and not to worry. I even thought I had succeeded as he laughed and joked with me throughout the conversation. Imagine my surprise when I received this at 7.41 this morning from my sister:

    "I wanted to say that was nice of you to give xxxxxx a phone call on Friday regarding his difficulties.

    What I don't find so nice is the quality of conversation you find acceptable to use with your nephew. It is sadly obvious that what you find appropriate in the way of sexual references and behaviour in this 'liberated' life you have is no longer on our or his wavelength.

    It is highly disgusting to me to return from the convention and hear from my son how far you have distanced yourself from what is clean.

    And before you go on your high horse, this opinion is shared by ( her other son who left the 'truth 15 years ago has had a string of relationships and is living with his girlfriend ) and ( her husband - who vacillates in and out of the 'truth' and has had problems in every congregation that they have been in ).

    If you feel inclined to speak to us again don't use such vulgar and unacceptable speech"

    So, what do you think folks -is that worthy of a reply?

    I am SO glad to be out of that hypocritical narrow minded controlling way of life!


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