JW Retirement...

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  • sabastious

    ...doesn't exist.

    If you are SO old or sick that you can't physically go out in the Field Ministry then they have the 15 minutes a month provision.

    But what about people who have been doing it for 50 years? What if they are just tired and want to retire? Just a though that popped into my brain while reading a post here.

    "Wicked" worldly organizations have Retirement Plans because they want to honor the members that gave them decades of service...


  • WTWizard

    And, what if you simply wish to take a time out? What is wrong with taking time out to attend to other necessary things, like getting money to pay your bills? Or, to get needed major repairs done on your home or car? Could it be that they are afraid that, if you take time off to get those things done, that you are going to have time to get your hands on a real Bible and read that? Or, an apostate forum? Or, one of the many books that this site has recommended (including Crisis of Conscience)? Or, do some research on the Twelve Visions Party, find a few of their books, read them, and realize you don't need religion telling you what to do?

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Worker ants are to have no other task than to work and prop up the nest

    if they die in service, thay are buried in the next tunnel

    work work work work, do not think

  • moshe

    Go to Caesar, infirm and depressed older JWs, for healthcare, surgery, expensive medications, etc. Your retiree benefits from this evil system of things will get you back in the game for the WT Corp- then you can keep telling everyone how Jehoobah's Kingdom is the only hope for mankind . Praise God ( certainly not our Govt) for your meds--- your Govt paid pacemaker, heart stents, plavix, crestor, celexa (for your depression over the new 1914 generation extension),atenolol, relafen-

  • cattails

    One of the most disheartening things that's ever happened to me as a JW is having people "in the world" make comments about JW's in front of me of how disgraceful it is to force elderly and feeble people to go peddling tracts and magazines for the WTS, usually these people didn't know I was a JW too. It's happened to me several times in different situations, the "world" notices how we treat older ones and what they're made to do. It is a crying shame!

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