Jehovah in the Post Age of Perestroika

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    Who will be the great Statesmen and Philosophers of our Age the Voltaire's or Ghandi's, or Martin Luther King's who will keep setting the mark of human dignity high and be brave enough to bring the religions and governments and ideologies together, not to compromise necessarily but to agree to keep the dialogue of peace on going.

    Or will it be ordinary folks like us, working in our communities, volunteering, voting, feeding, caring.

    I spent time with my 19 month old grandson today, he held my hand as we walked along the streets of a familiar Beach community I've know since I was his age. I hope he'll walk those same streets with his son or daughter some day, in peace.

    Jehovah in the Age of Perestroika was a Novel I started in the late 80's, I never finished it, I changed my point of view.

  • read good books
    read good books

    Well how about Jehovah in the age of banker bailouts, tying Jehovah into any political era or event would be correct because the witnesses take whatever is going on in the world as a sign that were living in the time of the end.

    For stateman and philosopher-I vote for Ron Paul. He never votes for a bill that's unconstitutional. He doesn't take payola and he actually reads the bills in congress before he votes for them.

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