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  • pubtruth

    To anyone who's interested, I got my hands on an English version of "Organized to do Jehovah's Will" (From a spanish cong.) and I'm willing to scan sections from it to those who don't have the book. I searched around and the chapters are listed in a topic made about 5 years ago when the book first came out. You can contact me via PM on here. I plan on making the scans searchable/highlightable PDF's

  • yknot

    Thanks for the offer!

    The ODBook however has already been made available thanks to the now defunct

    A download of the copy is available at

    On another note if you happen to have the Spanish Pio Book...... I think many would here and would a appreciate a scan!

  • fokyc

    Also available here

    '2005 organized_to_do_jehovahs_will.pdf'

  • pubtruth

    YKnot: Thank you for the warm welcome! Ah oh well then. No one in the family has been a regular pioneer, so we don't have that. Family has a nice library I can contribute to, Old lit like "Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained" in spanish.

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