Signing of blood cards

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  • bamse

    We used to get a sign from two other people on our blood card annualy. Since about 2005 it was no such reminding og signing in January, I think. I live in Norway. Is it still a yearly procedure with signing of blood cards in other countries?

  • pirata

    In my area, there has not been a yearly signing for many years. The last time there was a mass signing was when our medical directive cards changed to make our "personal decision" on blood fractions more clear.

  • sir82

    Current procedure, at least in the US, is that a Durable Power of Attorney (DPA) has replaced the "Advance Medical Directive".

    DPAs do not need to be updated annually - they are notarized legal documents and are in effect for "infinity", or until rescinded or replaced.

    The "blood card signing parties" at the KH are a thing of the past.

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