Why did/do you go door to door?

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  • carvin

    I thought about this for years even when i was in and still believed. I always wondered why very, very few if any JW ever said we get to go in service, it was always we have to go in service. If you do it only because you have to and not because you want to, does that not nullify the whole giving to the lord theme?

    When they would still knock on my door I would ask them, Why are you here? They would start their presentation, and I would stop them and repeat Why are you here? After a few times they would finally say, What do you mean? I would reply ,Why are you knocking on my door? I would emphasize the YOU until they got it. Eventually they would say because we have to. I asked why, and they went to Matt. To which i went to paul saying some are prophits, some care for poor, some are preachers etc. And would ask are they any of those, do theyknow any one who were those things. To which no was the answer. So I would then ask why do they neglect the larger amount of duties as set fort in the bible. Never got an answer other that they were so booked up that they had to go.

    So why do you go?

  • JWoods

    All JWs go D to D because they are told to by a high-control cult leadership - plain and simple.

  • PSacramento

    There is no proof nor is it eve rmentioned in the NT that anyone went from one door(house) of a stranger, to another.

    There is TONS of mentions of preaching in the streets, market places, hills, synagogues, while moving through a town, in people's homes ( typically while having a meal with others), in other words publically or to a group in a folloowers home.

    And no, house-to-house ( Acts 5) does not mean they preached door-to-door or it woudl mean the the apostles also broke bread door-to-door ( Acts 2).

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    On the remote chance that a hot woman would answer the door topless. It never happened.

  • anewme

    Yes, going door to door is compulsary among the JWs. Do refuse to do so is considered rebellion.

    And to become a rebel is to become like Satan they told us.

    The consequences of rebellion were too painful. Counselling, chastisement, retalliation, reproof, marking, shunning, elder, family and congregational dissapproval and finally disfellowshipping.

    So most of us sucked it up and dutifully went door to door for as long as we could stomach it.

    But that is where the obedience stopped for most. Many wouldnt write down the Not -at- homes carefully, they would do a poor job at going back, and even potential interest was not followed up.

    As a pioneer I could hardly find someone to accompany me on any given summer afternoon's F.S., let alone join with me on a bone-fide Bible Study.

    I have always been an obedient person when the order is to do something for the benefit of all.

    But after so many missed Armageddon dates (I got baptized in 1971) and realizing as the great crowd we were neither the faithful slave nor were the scriptures speaking to us ever, nor was our future secure, (remember "maybe you will be saved" talks?) I started to resent all the door to door work. Why dont they try television or internet advertising or go back to radio or postal flyers?

    AND HONESTLY NO ONE WAS HOME ANYWAY!!!!! Everybody was out working!!! Something I should have been doing!!!!!

    Instead my husband and I were squeaking by on his parttime wages and getting handouts from family and had no health insurance!!!

    What a stinking situation psychologically, mentally and physically!!!!

    I hated going door to door.

    It was an embarrassment to approach neighbors houses and invite them to our Sunday talks where you never knew if the speaker was going to be a good one or an embarrassing one. It was beyond absurd and ridiculous to assume they had no religion and were in the hands of Satan and needed my help to survive!!!! ME WITH NO JOB AND NO HOUSE AND NO MEDICAL OR DENTAL AND ROTTING TEETH!!! It was insane. And my years being pressured to do that studid door to door work for the Watchtower are shameful for me to relate.


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