True Story - spirit directed appointments?

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  • xelder

    Names of course have been changed.

    Ann was 17 and was a baptized JW. Her homelife with witness parents was not the best. Her mom, who was raised in the truth had a learning disorder and did her best as a mom, but fell short in many ways. Ann's dad was also raised in the truth by a stepdad (who was PO for awhile) who was DF'd for molesting his step-daughters. Ann found a 19 year old JW boyfriend (Bill) and she became pregnant. Both were disfellowshipped and the new baby boy (Mark) was born. She is shunned by her whole family during the most difficult time of her life. In time they are re-instated and married. Happy family did well.

    Fast-forward 7 years....The family has moved 150 miles away to a new congregation. Ann so wants her nice family to be respected at the Kingdom Hall since she had never had that growing up. Bill is recommended as a Ministerial Servant and really wants to be one to finally feel some self-worth among 'God's people'. After getting the approval letter for the appointment back from the society, the elders remember that he had slept with an under-aged girl and that the boy (Mark) had been illegitimate. The elders in this new congregation begin digging, interviewing elders in the former congregation, as well as Ann's dad and mom.

    One night before meeting, two elders have Bill in the back room verifying that he could and would serve as a MS, this is the last step before reading the appointment (he's in and very happy). AT THE SAME TIME , other elders were inteviewing Ann's mom in the other back room about the situation 7 years previous involving her daughter Ann and Bill. The elders interviewing Ann's mom hadn't noticed that kids had been playing hide and seek in the room and were still hiding in a closet. One of those kids was little Mark, and he heard the elders question his grandmother all about what his mom and dad had done, and now understands that he was illegitimate. Bill was not appointed and Ann and Bill are disappointed at Ann's mom for speaking candidly.

    Even when elders try to deal with child-molestation they are idiots. They aren't qualified. Yet these very men determne the qualifications of others? Another fine example of 'spirit-directed' proceedure.

  • Honesty

    What do you expect out of two elders who are:

    1. A winderwasher

    2. A janitor at the County Courthouse.

  • VampireDCLXV

    Bwahahahahahahaha! Spirit directed, my ass! They're incompetent boobs, the whole lot of them. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. So much like keystone cops.


  • baltar447

    This is a crock. a two year difference like this should NOT have been an issue, especially when her age is legal consent in many if not most states. We could be missing some of the story perhaps.


    Scary. I wonder how often this type of scenario plays out in congregations.

    As far as I'm concerned, elders are not qualified to counsel, no matter how many times they read the bible.

    Trusting elders for advise actually prevents members from seeking real help for their problems.

    Seems to me that elders can actually make a problem worse.


  • VM44

    Not "spirit directed" at all, in reality, the appointments are "Watchtower directed."

    The proof is all the correspondence between the body of elders and Brooklyn.

    The Watchtower is a man made and man run organization! (literally too, considering their viewpoint on women holding positions of authority)

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