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  • PokerPlayerPhil

    Can someone tell me if the man or congregation who wrote Kendricks Introduction letter are getting sued for incompetence? When I read Kendrick's "Letter of Introduction" I was appalled at how wicked the Watchtower really is, watching Ray Publishers great video last night and how that German speaking elder downplayed and either lied or is greatly misinformed claiming "Jehovah's Organization does not keep Pedophiles in the Congregation, they are Disfellowshiped!" was completely and utter lies and half-truths! I've seen them keep a pedophile from getting exposed, I wish the judges of the Appeals Court knew how deep the Watchtower corruption goes and the great lengths they will use to cover up anything to prevent the Watchtower from Bad Press.

    Did the Body of Elders who sent Brother Kendrick's to Candace Conti's Congregation get sued, if they knew he molested a child and spent time in jail they need to go to jail after getting sued for every penny they got. The entire letter was slanted and made Kendrick look like a victim, this religion is bunk!

  • scary21

    So the WT could not produce anything in writing of a policy that child molesters can't work in FS with children. So I imagine maybe they will do that now. If they do have a policy in writing, does that mean only the cases BEFORE that time will have a case to sue?

    Remember the call to bethel, when there was a request for their child protection policy and it didn't happen?

    I hope this decision will save some children in the future.This, after all , is all she ever wanted,to save the little children,

  • zeb

    Cong members claim 'never saw Conti in fs with Kendrick'. (a) really? . (b) if they didnt see them together means the wt admonition to members to watch out for children is relying on people with no education in how devious pedophiles can be to have the required level of observation and perception skills.

    Conversely indeed i have seen how fast the gossip mill runs in kh and to give such an education would require the input of 'worldly' instructors and this would never happen due to wt paranoia with all things outside of its own wisdom. and. to instruct any cong would be a revelation that paedophiles exist that they dont wear badges to the fact and that wt had FAILED in its duty of care to prevent such predators entering the 'flock'.

    In fact I feel any emphasis on this matter would mean any simple affection shown to kids would be seen as suspect especially if the one under suspicion didn't fit the kingdom mold his/her manner of dress, wt answers etc.

    Conti has won her case I wish her a good life and wisdom in handling the money when it come in.

    The sunami is rising!

    On the issue of "gag orders" ..Is there anything in addition to what is already out there that can be "gagged" ? I seem to think all has been stated and written into the case files for all to see. ??
  • ron rawson
    ron rawson
    I find it laughable that Jehovah would help a worldly person fix his construction leak, but not safeguard his own organization from bad publicity...I hope more bad publicity is coming. Good for Candace Conti. May she find satisfaction and contentment and move on with her life, happy and fulfilled.

    From Page 22:

    The Fremont Congregation states in its briefs that field service is “a personal ministry, not a required congregation function or activity,” and that Conti “presented no evidence that [defendants] had the ability to control when, or even if, a congregation member will decide to engage in their door-to-door ministry. Preaching from door-to-door is an activity that individual Jehovah’s Witnesses only engage in when they feel motivated to speak about God.” Even if the Congregation could not require field service, the evidence established that, when members wanted to do field service, Watchtower determined whether they were eligible and the Congregation controlled the manner in which the service was performed.

    Horse-S--t !

  • joe134cd
    It will be very interesting to see what comes up on about this. They will have to come out and say something about this. It's just to big a fish to fry.
  • InquiryMan
  • fukitol

    What a vile, repulsive organisation, unashamedly claiming to the end they had no duty to protect a child from a KNOWN paedophile all the way through this case.

    They remain completely arrogant and unapologetic for what they've done and have put this poor woman through the mill legally. It wouldn't surprise me if their sheer hubris makes them appeal still, tormenting Candice even more. Even the Catholic Church is less arrogant on this.

    Truly, "by their fruits you will recognise them". Can there be any more rotten fruitage than a religion that unrepentantly harms and causes deaths of infants and children by their morally blind and fanatical religious policies. .

    I spit on the Watchtower leadership and their lawyers. Pure scum. I'm ashamed to have ever been a JW.

  • floriferous

    “a personal ministry, not a required congregation function or activity,” ????????

    Preaching from door-to-door is an activity that individual Jehovah’s Witnesses only engage in when they feel motivated to speak about God.” ??????????

    Utter lies!

    Do you remember how you were made to feel when you didn't go out in your 'personal ministry'.

    Do you remember being mentally beaten into submission from the platform about your 'personal ministry'?

    Do you remember the scorn of being called spiritually weak or inactive?

    Do you remember how worthless you felt?

    The Watchtower is a vile, malevolent organisation & I will dance on its stinking grave.

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