Please help me publish my book on the JW organisation.

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    Please could you help me? I just finished writing a book called, “The End is Nigh...Again (But this time we really mean it). Perhaps some of you may have already heard of it. It’s a tongue in cheek, real life saga about the life of a second generation Jehovah’s Witness that pokes fun at the organisation that to this day continues to completely screw up the lives of decent people.

    I have uploaded the entire manuscript to a site called Slush Pile Reader. It's designed to help up and coming writers to get published. You could really help me by registering at the site and then voting for my book. Of course, it's there for you to read too. What happens is that the book with the most votes gets published automatically.

    It would be fabulous if you could take the time out to visit the site, vote for The End is Nigh...Again and help further expose this religion for what it really is. Yes, it's time to fling open the doors of the Watchour Trifle and Cracked Society and let the world see that it's really not what it's pretends to be.

    Thanks so much for your help. All you need to do is click the link below and register. Once done, you can then find my book in the category “Religion and Spirituality” and vote by clicking a little icon on the manuscript page. If you'd like a taster, you can also go to my blog:

    Click here to vote for the manuscript:
    Gordon Smith

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    double post

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    Tec, I second that.

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    stop spamming here, you already did it here 4 times.

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    Armageddon will probably be here before you can get it published. Yes, it's that close now.

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    yup enough with the spam

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